Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jhared & Mhiggy's 1st Birthday

Last December 28 , Friday. I was on leave due to flu. For the longest time, ngayon lang ule ako nagkaganito! super lagnat!. Thanks to my mother-in-law who visited me in the apartment and give me some medications. I have my rest all day alone while my hubby is at work. Its actually his last day at work so he have to finish his turn overs.

At afternoon, I was feeling okay though I still have aching throat. I remember na birthday pala ng twins kong pamangkin and inaanak namin ni Dennis. I even texted my mother-in-law na okay na ko and I'll just drop by my nephews' birthday party in Fairview.

My cousin, Minneli, the mother of the twins has noted in the invitations that the party will start at around 7pm. Ngayon lang ako aatend ng children's party na dinner time ha. At around 7pm, sila pa lang ang dumating together with my tita and 2 other pamangkins. Its past 7 already but still most of the guests haven't arrived yet.

At around 8pm, the party finally started. The emcee is very entertaining and funny at the same time. He even noticed that most of the guests are adults.. kaming magpipinsan & kabarkada nun pinsan ko..hehe! E may ilang bata kakagising pa lang..kaya yun wala sa mood mag games. Kaka tuwa pano kahit sa longest greeting game, isa lang ang may pinakamahabang greeting... Then the adults also play, with sort of obstacle churvah..and kasama ko dun. I actually forgot that I just have a flu..hehe! And we won.. we got a mini doll as a gift. Then after it the kids have the bring me game and then the longest number of coin. at pagkatapos pinaagaw lahat ng coins. Then finally the moment has finally arrived, yun FOOD..hehe! I am very hungry kasi naman I don't have my mirienda..We have chicken and spaghetti, burger , fries and sundae..mmm! syempre I have my pasalubong to Dennis. Then after eating the mascots has danced in the tune of "itak tak mo!" I'm really bursting in laughter seeing Grimace dancing..tapos may showdown pa with Ronald McDonald..The party ended at past 9..something different talaga...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DIY Christmas first attempt

I am very picky and can't find the right Christmas Card to give for my hubby. Kaya yun, since nagscrapbooking ako. . I used some embellishments that I bought and an accordion type album.. perfect for my card. Actually sa office ko ginawa, pano naman baka wala na ang surprise pag nakita ni Dennis. I just downloaded a font @ syempre kasama na din ang pagprint..hehe

On Christmas Day, super natuwa naman ni Dennis, super effort daw and good thing kasi daw personalize ang message..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New LO's-Salamat sa Pasko

I'm so glad of the holidays..perfect time to do my wedding scrapbook. I was able to made 3 of it.

The day that I bought the scrapbooking items ...I was so excited to go home. My mind is full of ideas..dala na din siguro ng bagong gamit..hehe! the 3 pages are: 1) our pre nup studio pictorial.. 2) The groom 3) and my mother ( to be posted next time na lang ..not yet done) ...Lately, I really have a hard time. We come home late.. as much as I wanted to do a page...I'm really tired.. Thank God talaga its Christmas

I apologize if pictures are not that clear, so phone ko lang kasi..and yun journal di ko malagay, I'm @ office kasi. Thanks Ms Nita for reminding me regarding journaling..hehe! katuwa din mag-isip kung anong ilalagay.

Scrapaholics' Shopping Day

I never really had a visit at any scrapbooking supplies store..kaya super excited ako when me and my dear fellow scrapper / friend, Maricel, meet up last Saturday. Actually before 11 A.M nag meet na kami at Philcoa. She manage to call Memory Lane's secretary, of course para sa direction papunta sa location. Mmmm.. can't hardly wait talaga ang feeling namin. We got 4 rides before we reach the location (fx to araneta ave, a jeep to sta mesa, a jeep to stop n shop and finally a jeep patungong Morningside Terrace Subd.) No sweat naman, and enjoy talaga ko since ngayon lang talaga ako mag shopping with my friend. And during our trip, non-stop ang scrapbooking kwentos and tips , fyi's hehe! ganun! My hubby was suppose to come along, pero since Christmas Party nya sa office.. I'm off to my first scrapbooking shopping alone...haha!

We'll as we reach the subdivision, we just ask the guard for Lakandili St, w/c is just 2 corners away from the guard house. I was expecting to see a store kagad (ganun ako ka excited!) ITs actually a big house..with big gate..So when somebody accompany us inside the house..we are guided to the shop...WOW! Grabe! Ganda! ...Ilan lang yan sa sinasabi namin ni Maricel..The store is filled with lots of stuff.. actually "beautiful items" we needed for our scrapbooking. Heaven talaga to the next level.. I can't decide what to buy, kung pwedi nga lang lahat na lang.

Actually, before pa lang my friend has advised me to browse Memory Lane's site... just to make sure na mabili ko daw ang talagang kailangan ko. . kasi nga daw, pag andun na, ang tendency , I'll loose control. Actually, I have the feeling of liking and loving everything..kaso ang budget...mabubutas ang wallet ko if walang control. I made sure na I'll buy enough paper.. if there are kasi kailangan ko. As we enter the shop, we met Ms Helen, she's nice and friendly. She even give us ideas of what to buy. We're also lucky to buy some sale items..hehe! Fab find for me are the stamps, kasi before I saw it costs around P90 in a shop sa Megamall, then I bought it for P50 only...galing! Actually nagtagal kami sa store for more than an hour yata..looking around. We have bought enough..and we are happy talaga. Before we plan of visiting other shops, kaso baka ma-tempt time. . .

Here are some pics taken..

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas in Eastwood

My officemates and I decided to drop by @ Eastwood yesterday. Since medyo petiks na din and wala ang aming mga boss!! So after our lunch in our canteen, fly kami papuntang Eastwood.

It is very hot, and I was relax na lang sa hangin sa Eastwood..kakaiba! Refreshing din kasi.

Nagmall kami around. And I was happy 2 see big feel ko talaga na christmas na! Lifesize Santa Clause, at pati reindeers! Madami nga eh. Katuwa magpictorial..Emily and I was so amused kaya puro muka namin..hehe! While Bojo, wala sa mood sa pictorial considering na maganda ang ambiance..Basta kami nasa mood.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Starbucks after lunch

Last monday, my officemates and I went to Starbucks @ Acropolis (near Libis). Hehe, kahit mainit ang panahon sumama ko.. Libre eh..hehe! I'm with Bojo and Emily. Si Bojo, ang nanlibre..why? Kailangan nya kasi mapuno ang kanyang card ng sticker.haha!

Starbucks has extended their promo during their 10th anniversary til the 25th of December. So diba in an order of a cup you get 2 stickers na. Eh die hard ng planner itong si Bojo. He already got his planner, pero he is filling up the other card for his "sister" daw!

Again, I got some of their liftlets and brochures..saan pa nga ba? para sa aking scrapbooking..hehe!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My 30-minute layout

The bride..Naks! Actually I started with my pics. These are 2 great shots to start (sa isip ko lang yun) hehe! for our wedding album.

For real na to..I'm starting with wedding pics..soon na yun iba. Natuwa lang kasi ako, dahil in just 30 minutes I have the idea.

I used 2 of my 4r pics. Gold and Green circles are from NBS. Then the rub on sticker, "The Bride" is from Japan Home Center. Flowers from Rekindled Moments. And the orange / green lining are cut outs courtesy of Starbucks paper (hehe..not sure if this is acid free..!!)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, at last I'm done with my very first layout. Kakatuwa and masaya ang feeling. I'm kinda tired this past few days, kaya kahit anong gawa ko parang di nag work sa short I don't really have the idea.

Kaya kagabi, kahit sleepy nako..salamat sa kape (galing kasi kami sa lamay ni hubby) parang nabuhayan ako ng magandang idea..hehe! As a newbie, I'm too afraid talaga to try new ideas..baka di magwork out dun sa plano ko. Most of the materials that I used in this are from National Bookstore...I even decided na magcut- out from the papers that I bought. Actually pang layout nga yun ginamit I sacrifice it..

These are our pre-nuptial pictures taken @ Oasis Manila. I enjoy rolling in their grass..laying there around..haha! Fun talaga. Ilan lang to sa magandang kuha ng aming photographer (Jason De Guzman of Imagine Nation). I really love our pics!

How did I do it?
  • I used 12x12 paper for lay out..(National bookstore)
  • I have some of our pics developed at Photoline in Galleria. All of it are 4R, scratchproof
  • buttons ..stickers (SWEET..Bees) also from National Bookstore
  • Flowers are cut-outs from one of my 12x12 paper layout from NBS also..
  • I printed the word "Love"..I downloaded the font from (nice favorite!)
Your comments will be appreciated. I hope I can start with my wedding pics by next week..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

after office habit..

I just notice that I'm so excited after office. . since last week ha. Yesterday, I dropped by Greenhills. Since Dennis is still in the office, I take my time scout for some scrapbooking stuffs. I went to "Rekindled Moments". I'm actually looking for a store. I remembered sa nabasa ko na andun cya sa Great Toys Online. Gets ko na, may estante lang pala, kaso yun floral decors lang ang meron. I just bought one packs for P90.

Believe it or not, bumalik uli ako ng Robinson's Galleria. Well, si hubby sa Greenhills nagwork pero di pa cya tapos so I told him na sa Galleria na kami mag meet. I search again at the department store. Ayun, I bought again some stuffs. I've seen all of it before, pero dahil gustong gusto ko na, I can't help it kaya buy kagad. Cute designs..though I have no idea yet of when I can use them. Pero I'll surely put them naman in my LOs.

This morning.. eto uli ang inatupag ko, I even take pictures of it! Take note nasa office pala ko..pero I'm just enjoying my time..medyo less na kasi work ko pag ganitong season.. Til next time

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My very first set...

I must admit, I never know where to start, what to buy, what is really needed! once I stepped the shops. Last monday, after office, I decided to look around for some scrapbooking stuffs in SM Megamall. Grabe, di ko malaman anong bibilihin ko, if only I could buy what I can see..hehe! Kaso I got a limited budget, and for the first place nga kala ko titingin lang ako..

I visited the stationery section of the SM Department Store where I bought a pack paper. Actually it a 12x12 papers (Craft Express) and it is on sale. I bought it for siya kasi 12 pcs of paper yun.Then I dropped by SMILES (near toy kingdom). They sell pretty stuffs..medyo mahal yung items coz I noticed that all of it are imported and they are very lovely. I bought again some papers which costs P30. Magaganda lahat nun designs.. And near SMILES is Craft World. And there I bought the Memory Glue, ribbons and the acid free pen.

I was so happy kahit onti pa lang gamit ko. I'm still having some brainstorming of what to do. Mahirap pala pag andyan na sa harap mo ang gamit. Daming ideas, pero I'm not quite sure if my ideas will work. I wanted it to be pretty. Today, while we are fixing some stuffs in our house (my hubby's) we found some old items..tinabi ko na.. his mom even gave me some ribbons, add ko daw sa gamit ko sa scrapbooking..(how sweet diba?)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Starbucks @ its 10th year!

The hottest is brewing to the max!

Kaaliw! And daming nagcoffee last week. Why? Its Starbucks 10th year anniversary. And their treat? Most of us are aware of the latest craze..its the Christmas Tradition..filling up the 24 cups w/ stickers for every purchase of their hot & cold drinks. Since they are celebrating their around 12:30 to 2pm & 8pm to 9:30pm, every drink is equivalent to 2 stickers..haha! Para sa mga nag-aasam ng planner..this is the great time. Kaya ako last Friday, nakigulo lang sa pila at umorder ng hot peppermint mocha (masarap!!). Naku, not really sure if I can fill mine. But I'm a coffee addict..pero any coffee will do..ganun ka-addict. Pero for me Starbucks coffee is the best.

Gusto ko lang i-share di lang ang kwentong maraming sticker, maraming tao at masarap na KAPE, kundi ang idea na naisip ko habang nakapila..kundi para sa bago kong kinahuhumalingan..ang SCRAPBOOKING.. Pareho kami ni hubby na coffee lover (as in!!.. the max!!) kaya I'm thinking of a theme na "mala starbucks themed". Parang connected kasi sa amin..masarap..maganda..masaya!!

What do you think?? Coffeerotic!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Den's new baby

Last Saturday, it was a very busy day Why? Well, my hubby's family house (where we are currently residing) will be undergoing a major rennovation. Pretty tiring, since we have to pack up all in! I've realized they got lots of things..which are no longer used. I even asked Dennis to dispose some of his stuffs..kaya pala sobrang cluttered sa room..His CPA Review books!Sirang payong!Scratches (from his previous jobs)..kamusta naman. Me, I just simply packed my stuffs. Kasi some of my stuffs are still at our house. Kaya sisiw lang☺ His parents temporarily rented a small place nearby their house. Mga 2 tumbling lang..hehe! Its a cute apartment..a new one..ideal nga lang para sa bagong kasal.

Going back..Dennis and I was in-charge since his mom has to attend an activity in the church. His mom is the Head of Lectors in their Parish. Kaya busy sobra. No problem with us since we managed to box all our stuffs.

I have an idea that Dennis will be picking up his new baby this weekend. Hmmphh! Its his motorcycle which, I never really like. He was the one who picked it up. I notice that he is very happy at nasa mood. ITs a blue Yamaha Sniper. I must admit its pretty though I am not a person who loves motorcycle. Ang hirap kasi nun, accident prone☺ But what can I do? Kaya instead of having an comment na lang.

Kami muna ang nagstay sa apartment. Ganda pala ng feeling pag kayo lang (di naman sa ayaw ko sa in-laws..their nice) kaso mas sweet..haha! Whether I like it or not, sumakay ako sa bagong "baby" nya. Kasi may mga gamit pa kami na dapat kunin. His baby is useful na din sa paglilipat..

PS: I'm ranting for some occasions I missed:
> Party 101 @ Rustan's Essences / Shangri-La..sayang!! madaming freebies..tinext pako ni Ms Grace, I even texted back na pupunta ko..hoping na makakapunta ko..
>SE-PS Xmas Party..I'm a new member! I really wanted to go.. my friend Maricel wanted to go pa naman din..sayang sayang!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

certified scrapper..

I'm now hook into this hobby. Though I was not yet starting to work on my album. I'm a N@W member (newly wed forum in weddings@work), and I just ask if anybody knows the different shops for scrapbooking. I'm so happy to have responses..actually its more than of what I expected. Somebody even suggested to me to join the yahoo groups ..Scrabooks-Exchange and Pinoy Scrapbookers. And ayun yesterday din, my application was approved. I was able to recieve welcome notes from other members. And kakatuwa they are even inviting me to join their christmas party..kasi nandun din daw ang mga suppliers..I wish I could come to their gathering. Andun din daw yun magagaling talaga and masasagot daw lahat ng tanong level na talaga ito..

To my fellow scrappers thanks for welcoming me..Its really a pleasure to learn and experience scrapbooking☺

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A different Christmas

For the past 26 years, I have celebrated Christmas with my family in Lagro, where I grew up. And since 2004 , my boyfriend for 4 years (now my lifetime partner), Dennis, have been a part of my X'mas day. Whew! How fast time flies?

I just come to think that this is a different Christmas. Firstly , I'm married! I'm not shopping only for myself, my family and my "inaanaks" but also together with Dennis, I'm shopping also for his family and his inaanaks.. Secondly, A different place. we are planning to celebrate the Christmas eve at their house. Well, I decided for this one. Just to be fair, Dennis has spent his Christmas at our house. And I think maybe its time that I'll be the one to celebrate it in their house since we are married already. Good news, I'm planning to cook so I keep on searching for a hearty meal in the internet..hehe! Para naman special talaga. Then on the Christmas day, we'll just visit my family.

We are enjoying eachother's company. There are less fights..Less arguements..more patience..what more can I wish for?..mmmm..yeah i still have a simple wish to Dennis. I asked him if he'll buy me things for my newly found hobby courtesy of my dear friend, Maricel...I was so excited to make one for our wedding pics.. I'll post it here..can't hardly wait na..

Monday, December 3, 2007

D-V-Soria Trip

Last Dec 1, 2007, Dennis and I was supposed to meet our good friend, Kuya John. FYI..Dennis wanted to buy a motorcycle (which I strongly disagreed). So just as not to have an arguement, I just let him have his dream nga lang the one that Kuya John told him was already sold. My hubby really did have a tantrum..hehe! He's too upset kasi he really likes the motorcycle.

So at around 2pm we left the house to have a shopping..of course, I chose to buy at Divisoria. Actually, I'm shopping for christmas gifts to our family and inaanaks. We have a ride with my brother-in-law, Byron and his girlfriend, Des. They gave us a ride up to Taft. Sobrang traffic! I can't believe it we spend 2 hours pagpunta!!! So finally at past 4pm we arrived in Binondo..haaayz!! Instead of heading to 168 Shopping mall, we go to another mall. This is the one that my officemate mentioned to me. Yup she's right, Meisic mall is less crowed and sells stuffs same with 168 mall.

I was so excited and eager to buy gifts for our family. Fab finds are the children's bags (in Dora, Sleeping Beauty, etc) for just P60.. I saw same stuffs in malls and it was priced at around P150.00. Undies for the little girls is P100 only for 5 pcs. Watches are sold at P90..if you want a box you'll just add up P40.00. I also saw shirts for ladies for only P50.00. Well, I have one for myself and I already wore it ..comfortable naman..infairness. I also bought bags for our moms..mura lang .. pramis! and polo shirts for P150 each. And I was also able to buy a firecracker..hehe! this is for my mom's store. The name of the item is Picolo..P50/box. Another fab find I got are the sleeping dress for the girls which I got for P75 only.

Grabe, nakakatuwa mamili sa Divi, though onti lang dala kong money, pero I managed na mabilihan lahat ng inaanaks. ...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Honeymoon Part 2

How can I forget our favorite out-of-town destination? BAGUIO. We decided to go there last November 5. Well, I believe Benguet is under signal #1. Pero nothing can stop us..Its a chance na din kasi we are on leave and we have to enjoy it or else, we just waste our chance..our second honeymoon. As I've mentioned before, we have no defite plan of where we will celebrate our honeymoon. Its good to have the accomodation gifts. Tita Rona, Den's auntie, gave us a 2 nights free accomodation in Baguio Country Club. A really nice place though its far from the market and parks. Pero sulit kasi mura ang taxi and sowsyal! talaga. Most of the occupants are foreigners..and ibang pinoy na elite..hehe! gaya namin..just kidding.

On our first day, we went to our favorite tambayan..SM Baguio. Since hapon na kami nakadating dun na lang kami nakapunta. I was so amused of the mall, kasi naman walang aircon pero malamig pa din. And also one spot I like there are the terraces on each floors where you can see different locations..relaxing ang effect. On our second day, we planned of going to Burnham Park. We just stay there for some what we usually do. Medyo annoying ang weather, umuulan-ulan. Then after there we headed to Mine's View Park. Foggy kaya wala ganong view. . and again pictorial galore ule. We stroll around the changge and of course, I have my favorite na inihaw na mais..sobrang love ko yun. And again we go back to SM where we have our dinner and our favorite coffee..Starbucks

On Nov 7, our last day, we decided to buy pasalubongs. Tama ba ito at last minute ang pilian ..kaya medyo na late ang uwi namin. Super special ang Baguio samin. We get to reminisce our first and second stay there, pero memorable yun 3rd na punta namin coz we are officially and legally Mr.& Mrs Yu. Naks! We are looking forward to visit there, for it is such a nice place that we both love

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're on our FIRST monthsary!

Yesterday it was our first monthsary. I was surprised when Dennis gave me phone call.. He greets! and I just come to think of what is the date..oh! its November 27. Parang ang billis, parang ilang linggo palang ang nakakalipas, kaya I almost forgot. After office, I waited for him and we just have a simple dinner at KFC @ Robinson's Galleria. hehe! Just enjoying eachother's company.

I was so preoccupied with a newly found hobby..Well, as I browse my friend's multiply site. Maricel is a good friend of mine since highschool. I was so excited to text her, and even ask if she can teach me about scrapbooking. Yes, you heard it right! SCRAPBOOKING!!! I was so amazed of her works. Very pretty and unique. Dennis and I have lots of pictures in different events. I was wondering, that I can make some. And i knew I can do well. Something i can be proud of..

I'll be posting some if I started with it already. .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Honeymoon Part I

We are so busy in our wedding preps that we forgot where we'll have our honeymoon. I loved to have it our of the country talaga. But, with so much expenses, I thought na kahit next year na lang. Dennis suggested to have it out of town na lang..which is okay for me.

On our wedding day we received a free overnight accomodation in Makati Prime Towers. The place is good enough to stay. It has a sala, terrace, big windows in our room (perfect for sight seeing the entire makati!), with kitchen utensils. It is in fact a junior suite. We arrived at the location on October 29. In the afternoon, Dennis and I planned of strolling in Glorrieta. O diba, something different. We don't always stroll around Glorietta, and if ever we are there parang ang bilis ng oras kaya nagmamadali kaming umuwi. Kaya that day di kami nagmamadali coz we are staying within Makati. So happy coz that day i bought my 1st kasi..Before we go to the hotel..we bought 2 bottles of beer and other snacks..wala lang parang simple night out namin..pero kami lang talaga..hehe! We decided to stay for another day in our own expense. The room rate is P1,600.00. On Oct 30, we stay in the hotel the whole afternoon..we watched movies, we eat, we have picture taking, we sleep...and at 5 pm we went to Rockwell. This is the life talaga! We stroll around, pero stroll lang talaga. Then we hang out at Starbucks..pang 3 na starbucks na to..haha! sarap eh..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reception kwentos...

We arrived at Shangri-la Finest Chinese Cuisine at quarter to 6pm. Kasi we have our pictorial in the church and nearby park..para sulit noh. OUr make up artist, France is there for retouch and pati pag-ayos ng aking veil and gown...all in one talaga.

I was surprised when we get to see Ms MJ, yun masungit na nag-assist samin when we reserved the location. She has informed us the guest arrived earlier (kasi 6pm talaga ang bukas nila..kaya may 10% charge kami ) and even congratulate us. Naaliw naman ako kasi bumawi cya..akala ko talaga di cya ngumingiti...peace na kami..hehe!

As we arrived other entourage are being introduced. My brother, Sherwin and his school friend, Cai were the host of the program. Grabe ang tandem, nagmistulang Metro comedy bar. And infairness, super di boring dahil madaming bagets..hehe! When we are introduced..aba walang music..kaya mega adlib ang dalawang emcee.. in the tune of "tan-tan-tanan!" and the audience followed with matching clap pa pa. Katuwa again.

We chose some of the sponsors to have a personal speech for us. Mr. Chuck Mathay was one of them. Kaaliw ang speech nya. He is a good friend of my father pala.Then yung uncle ni dennis na si Tito Ronnie. Aba, magaling din mag speech and Dennis' mom informed me na kinakabahan pa daw yun.. Then my Auntie Dolor delivered her heartwarming speech.. aba bongga din at kala mo mataray pag nag-speech.

I was touched by my mother-in-law's speech. Panu kala ko speechless gaya ng sabi nya. I cried din. Kasi a week before the wedding, bonding kami ha! I stayed at their house for other things to do such as the misalettes and to look for the replacement on our wedding sovenir (pano nasira ang mga wind chimes namin!). Kaya naman i felt like a daughter na din. Lalo na when she said, " I'm happy that I did not lost a son, but also I gained a daughter". She even thank us for responding to the call of marriage..since marriage is a calling of God.. touchy! After her my father gave his speech. Katuwa kasi he also welcomed Dennis, and he even gave us advices.. Iba talaga pag sa magulang galing ang speech..overwelming ang feeling.

Cai, the emcee is a good singer.. I appreciate her voice and talent..napakagaling na bata. She sang 3 songs of Regine Velasquez, while guests are having dinner. aba kayang kaya naman! When dinner was done we proceed to the cake cutting, dove release and wine toasting.. syempre lagin may kiss after every tradition..kaya naubos ang lipstick ko. When we are about to start the picking of bachelor...nawawala ang baloons na ka kailangan, that's why I ask Dennis to give his thank you's and speech.. na sobrang bumenta. While ako.. nagmistulang Sisa..tumatawa tapos umiiyak.

For a bride, to hear his groom announcing proudly how much he loved her.. haay! Di ko makalimutan ang mga pamatay na punchline:

"Mahal ko si Sandra at Mahal nya ako kaya po andito tayo ngayon".. " Sandra mahal na mahal kita.. Ikaw lang ang babae ko".."Masuwerte po ako kay Sandra pero mas masuwerte po cya sa akin".."Eto po ang tandaan nyo, di lahat ng gwapo ay chickboy". then the audience burst to laughter... tapos ako..iyakers at tumatwa after.. mix emotions. Then after his breath taking speech, I delivered my hearty speech for all and of course my message to my one and only..Dennis.

When balloons was found we started it right after our speech. We have a new game instead of tossing the garter...we gave 5 chosen gentleman to blow a balloon within 10 seconds. The winner of the game is the one with smallest balloon.. It was our friend Angelo Coballes who won as the lucky bachelor. So next, is the game for single ladies...we have 5 ladies who played the trip to New Zealand. Instead of tossing a boquet, we have the lucky bachelor blindfolded and he seated in a chair. Its like the trip to Jerusalem, pero this time the lady who got to sit on his lap is out of the game. The winner is Ms Angela So..who is the special friend of the lucky bachelor. Naaliw ule ako..pano sa barkada namin sila pa yun super layo ng wedding ( Juerl and Ann will be getting married next year!) tapos sila pa ang nanalo. Galing!

Again, no regrets of chosing Shangri-la as our reception. Our parents has approved that the food is great. Dennis and I, admire their service and the head waiter ask for approval for additional orders and also dun sa pagbalot ng food..bait! clap! clap! clap..