Sunday, May 31, 2009

Earth Run 05.31.09

Sharing the pictures on the Earth Run 05.31.09 marathon.

Its raining but its all fun. I have realized that I can make it through the rain (naks!)... running 5K pala is something challenging..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Den's 32nd Bday

I am always prepared for this once a year event in my hubby's life..his birthday. I made a card..parang pang little boy ..but I love it...syempre naman dapat special..
Supplies use: Paper {october afternoon, bazzill}, letter sticker {scenic route}, arrow chipboard {american crafts} , boy chipboard {all about scrapbooking} and my cuttle bug using the emboss....nice try..i think=)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready to Run

Sa wakas!

I was officially registered by my brother for the Earth Run 05.31.09. Since he works in an advertising agency we got P50 off from the P200 registration fee (which includes a singlet, a.k.a JERSEY..ewan ko ba bakit iniba pa term). In my preparation, I already bought my running shoes, course I don't want to hurt my feet and just for something new to try, syempre dapat geared ako para kung sakali maulit. My dear friends Cel and Jenny will be joining too with their own recruits..hehe! Still scouting for the shorts, maybe next week...can't hardly wait..wink! wink!

I got this feeling...dadami uli ang friends sa FB plus more get togethers coz my cousins will also be there to join. . .To be continued


Its our god forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved. But I won't hesitate no more. there's no need to complicate our time is short. I cannot wait. I'm sure.This is our fate I'm yours.-I'm yours by Jason it!
Another day for me. Another smile. Unexpected. Butterflies in my stomach are here again.....thanks to you


another prenup pic??

Ate Susan and Sandy...

my dear husband. on the day before his birthday. wish u could pursue your's too short sweety...gawin mo na..hehe


mas BEAUTIFUL...walang ko to!

chilli...while chilling? super hot olive oil..over everthing..sayang di na take home.

HOW IT HAPPEND:Last, last week I've been wanting to be at Tagaytay.. Ewan ko ba. Siguro kasi I've been wanting a quick getaway..why not? When my dear friend, Ate Susan, asked me where ang ang sagot ko and there it goes, pareho na kaming excited. Last May 16, I was so bored at home! SObrang bored talaga. So at around past 9 P.M I was able to convince Dennis to go out. Basta just can't stand boredom..watching TV all day on a SATURDAY! We just hang out at Blue Wave in Marikina @ Starbucks, while I also texted our friends, Ate Susan and Boss to hang out. Ibang level ang texting powers ko, sumunod sila..hehe! I got what I wanted. And we transferred to other place nearby..we went to Beach House bar. We drink few bottles and puro chit-chats na kakulitan til 2 A.M. (take note..2 A.M) Before we part our ways..I suggested if they want to go to Tagaytay. Ayun na.We even planned to go at Ate SUsan's place by 5 A.M..basta anytime in the morning.I get what I wanted again..and since it will be Dennis' birthday on the bakit nga ba hindi..pwede naman advance celebration..diba, diba???

Sunday. 05.17.09
I did not woke up early. Pissed off lang when somebody woke up earlier than you dba tas di ka gigisingin. Enough of that. Basta pinilit ko matuloy kahit past 7 A.M nako nagising. Hehe! We arrived at Cainta (Susan's place) at around 10 A.M. After namin maki-breakfast we left agad. Saya lang. Though there are few hassles... I just got to shake it off as always. Ate Susan, has a lot of kwentos kaya buhay ang trip. We arrived at Tagaytay at around 12 noon. We attended a mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church. My first I guess I got 3 wishes. . mmm still thinking nga kung ano yun wish ko. After that we look for a nice place to have lunch. We ended up sa bulaluhan dun..pero syempre we looked for a nice view. We got a very sinful lunch. I'm guilty eating lechon kawali and bulalo..shet! After, we went to a place nearby with lots of tambayan..forgot the name eh..basta we have pictorials lang. Its hot in Tagaytay that time..dko ko feel ang cold.Then after that we went to Carlo's Pizza. A very terrific place to go. We spend all afternoon there. Pizza..Nachos..SHakes..Beers..We tried everything there. We stayed til 7pm ata. Walang humpay na kwentuhan. When we finally feel the coldness..wheew..sarap then ayun we decided to go home. But that does not end there...hehe! We stayed for a while at Ate Susan's house..salubungin daw namin birthday ni Dennis...Few more bottles and the chili Doritos ..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A day for Moms..

To all the MOM's out there..Happy Mother's Day!
To my mama, my MIL, my aunts, my cousins, and dear friends who are mothers na.
A daughter like me is thankful for the life you gave. Can't imagine life without mommas...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How I am?

For the past few weeks I've been stressed with work... which is bothering me a lot.
Trying to cope with many lapses I made. Sobra! I need a break...Just feeling a bit bad about life..I hope this coming week I'll be okay..Emote lang=(

Sunday, May 3, 2009

HP Photosmart 145

Thankful to my dear Uncle Richard for this new toy... I always wanted a photo printer of my own. I got this last April when I visited Subic. Hope I can use it na..Kaya I am so excited to scrap again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My little nook

Last year, I was so happy for the space in our room that I have for my scrapping galore. It was on my side of the bed before. It has been months when I decided to transfer it to hubby's side of the bed..hehe! pati territoryo nya nasakop ko na..Thanks dennis..

You made my DAY..

Picture of my happiness. I found @ Charles & Keith...
Finally I found the red shoes I love. . . I felt lucky because I bought this pair on SALE!
Just sharing my happiness....

Happy Birthday to My Dear MIL

L-R: Tita Loida, Mama Tess (My MIL) and Tita Yolie ..Mama with her sisters
May 1, 2009. It was an official holiday, as always. And a good timing to surprise a celebrant...yup. For everyone's available. It was planned by my SIL..who is the brainchild of the idea. Chey just coordinates the entire surprise idea.. It was my MIL's 54th birthday. The plan is Papa has to get her out of the house. Maybe for a breakfast date or a grocery in the morning. While my SIL (cheyenne) and BIL's (byron & arvin) do all the task. To buy all lunch and the cake. Me? I have to be at the house ..relatives will be coming.
Before 12 noon, Mama's immediate relatives were at the house. And we are all busy setting up the table for lunch. . We waited for more than 1 hour..hehe and the kids were all hungry (hehe) . At past 1P.M. we heard the sound of gates opening..tago kaming lahat.. And ayun..nang surprise kami. Mama was really touched that she cried...It has been a good one ..effective ang surprise!..
To Mama Tess, happy happy birthday..God bless and we love you. Stay happy ...You really deserve all the best things in life..