Monday, February 25, 2008

a fab decor

I found an idea when I visited Simple Joys in Megamall, few weeks ago. I found a chipboard decoration. A cheap one. And A good decor for our room. Our house is still under construction, and I'm planning to put this one in our door in our room. I also found these felt cloth letters, for P30 each only.


Layout inspired by our friends who are actually lovers. We are the first to get married in the group (dun sa age brachet namin..kasi we got older friends!). We met them during our previous job in the bank. And I'm happy that our friendship remains though we have different jobs now.
Ann & Eric will be getting married by December this year. And they are actually preparing for it. As the bride before, Ann , seek some advices and I'm happy to help her. On the other hand, Angela & Angelo, are the lucky lady and bachelor during our wedding. I was so surprise, I thought it will be Eric & Ann. There's no definite date for the wedding, though they are planning it by 2010. Cheers to us! for our friendship and relationships!
Supplies: 12x12 paper-all about scrapbooking/ 6x6 paper-k & company/ round embelishment (green & gold)-all about scrapbooking/ flowers (yellow & pink)-papemelroti/ felt letters (titles)-craft express/ brown polka dot paper-scribble scrabble/ heart stickers-simple joys/ cardstock-sizzix/lace-simple joys

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Cute!!!

Adorable and cute little ones on our wedding day.. these kids are our nieces. I used lots of colors to match them..coz kids like colors diba?

Supplies: 12x12 layout- all about scrapbooking/title/ smile/ cute rub ons-craft express/ rubber foam embelishments-japan home center/ stamp- inque boutique/ flowers- rekindled moment/chipboard-all about scrapbooking/ brachet- 3 bugs in a rug


One of my new layouts for our wedding album. I worked on this last Monday. I cannot allow my self to feature in there my in-laws. They are kind, nice and happy persons. As a new member of the family, I can say I get along with them easily. I made this layout, simply for thanking them for accepting me and treating me like their own daughter.

Supplies: 12x12 paper layout-all about scrapbooking/ cherish chipboard- heidi swapp/ patterned paper -KI memories/ heart cut out- scribble scrabble/ chipboards on frame- simple joys/ paper cut out (rik rak)-simple joys/ journaling paper-sizzix/ rubons-craft express/ button-all about scrapbooking

Looking Back

I made this layout, about a week ago. I will be including this in our wedding album. Well, it shows some of our pictures way back when we are still starting our special relationship up to the picture when we finally decided to get married. I chose some of the pics in our photo album, too many of them! which I find it hard to decide. We've been in different places and occasions..I was so happy to see it in a glance.
Supplies: 12x12 paper layout- my little shoe box/ title: Looking Back , rub ons-craft express/ frames (parang film)- sterling (i bought sa sm megamall!)/ you & me chipboard-all about scrapbooking/ pink flower- heidi swapp/ yellow flower-rekindled moments/ archival pen/ eyelet-yellow violet house/scalloped cut out & printed brown background- scribble scrabble/ lace card stock-ki memories/ notebook stamp-nbs

Pretty girls

This layout features my cousins in my father's side. From left to right: Katrina, Len, Aleth and Sheryl. They are all grown ups! I remember when I was still studying, I spend my summer in Subic, where they are all residing. Gosh! they are just little girls playing, while I am one of the eldest..I rarely see them but they are always

Supplies: Title: Cousin-Craft express/ pink "s"- heidi swap/ flower die cut- papemelroti/ flowers- rekindled moments/ buttons-all about scrapbooking/ brown paper layout-bought from memorylane store/ rikrak/ yellow printed & green cardstock-sizzix

I enjoy the company of these girls during our preparation on our big day.. Super ingay and super kulet. Kaya naman preps pa lang enjoy na. In the left picture are my bridesmaids (not complete eh) while at the right picture are my maids of honor (lea, ate michelle and andrea)
Supplies: 12x12 LO- all about scrapbooking/ title "girls" - craft express/ chipboards (moments/ lovely) -all about scrapbooking/ "sweet rub ons- craft express/ flowers -rekindled moments/ black buttons-japan home center

Rings of True Love

We both love the this shots. I, myself, is too shy to strike a pose infront of the camera. I was amused that I can pose pala, thanks to Jason, our photographer. Dennis' picture is a cool one..
I chose this photos since it features the symbol of our love..the rings!

Supplies: title "rings"- heidi swapp/ 12x 12 paper layout-AMM/ pink, violet, green cardstock-sizzix/ paper cut out- basic grey (phoebe)/ eyelets- yellow violet house & all about scrapbooking / chipboard "true love"-all about scrapbooking/ buttons- all about scrapbooking & japan home surplus/ rik rak

happy layouts

A layout that I made few weeks ago. Funny and wacky are us. I was kinda giggling whenever I see Dennis' face here in this picture. That's how naughty he is..hehe! This was taken on our way to the reception.

Supplies: alpha die cut-3 bugs in a rug/ "you and me" rub ons-craft express/ buttons- all about scrapbooking & japan home center/ floral brads- all about scrapbooking/ rik rak- concepcion market (P3 per yard!)/ journaling paper-sizzix/heart stickers- simple joys/ yellow background-fiskars/ frame- all about scrapbooking/ floral rubber embelishments-papemelroti (flower)/ other shapes (japan home center)/12x12 paper- yellow violet house

I also made this few weeks ago. These are people close to us. The first picture are my college friends. Second pic, are our former officemates in UCPB . The last is Dennis' highschool buddies. The title of the layout was shown by the pics. I was happy to see enjoying with us and of course, so jolly.
Supplies: Paper Layouts - all about scrapbooking/ brown heart-japan home surplus/ cream heart & title-papemelroti/ star sticker- fiskars/ floral rub-ons- craft express/ eyelets-all about scrapbooking/ polka dot paper- I bought from memory lane / journaling papers- all about scrapbooking & sizzix/metal stickers- japan home center

Monday, February 18, 2008

new hairdo!

Last Friday, I was at the Robinson's Galleria. I just dropped by Photoline to develop some of pictures, syempre for my scrapbooking again. I just have to wait for 30 minutes lang kasi. As I was strolling, I just decided to have a trim and a KC Concepcion inspired-Bangs!..hehe!. I've realized that I have been in ponytail in all my pictures..kakasawa! So for a change, I went to Fix salon...well, I'm happy with my hair na..kaya I have a pictorial using my phone..tama ba yan?

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have been tag by Zabeth.
This are the rules please read.

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tag 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago: I am just a freshman in college..neneng nene!

Things on my to-do list today: go to work. call my hubby (he's processing our marriage cert w/ discrepancy ). order scrapbook stuff (hehe!). watch tv when i got home. make a LO before I go to sleep.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: We'll buy a brand new house& lot and car. Save 50% of it to the bank. Donate to our church and charity. Of course I'll never forget to go shopping for everthing I like (whatelse? .shoes, bags, clothes, scrappbook items!)

3 of my bad habits: I love biting the straw when drinking . i'm an impulsive shopper. i'm not good with budgeting money (kaya si hubby ang treasurer samin!) and lastly, i love to eat..a lot!

3 places I have lived: My family house in Lagro, My In-Laws' house in San Mateo Rizal, In my relatives in Subic (I stayed there every summer, when I was still studying).. Sa Pinas pa lang so far=)

5 jobs that I have had: A student trainee in telecoms company, A bank teller, A credit analyst, A wife, A scrapper (job ba ito? )

5 Things people don't know about me:
1) comb is a necessity, can't live w/out it!
2) i love chocolates. i used to sell chocolates before.
3) i love history when i was in college.
4) i am an eraserheads fanatic when i was in highschool.
5) i love dipping banana with fish sauce..ayos ba?

Now I am tagging Maricel, Pia & Candy..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

card for heart's day

Its Valentine's Day tomorrow! Happy Hearts Day in advance everybody!

I made a card for Dennis. It's a simple one..the way he like it. I hope he like this one. This is the very first valentine's day card I made. Since its valentine's.. I used red. And I mixed it with black, white and pink..

Supplies used: Cut outs- Basic Grey (Phoebe)/ Black paper board- National Bookstore/ Pink & White Cardstock - Sizzix/ Kiss chipboard- All about scrapbooking/ transparent stickers w/ words- craft express/ red jewels- Japan home center

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A wedding gift for Eric & Juerl

My hobby started it all when my dear friend, Maricel, gave me a frame as a wedding gift. Well, its not just an ordinary frame, its a scrap thing! I really love it. I appreciate scrapbooking since then.
I was surprise to see it , coz Maricel has been very creative and I really wonder where she got our pics..resourceful talaga! (i remember, i posted it in my wedding site & friendster account)

Now, I'm sharing the idea to a friend and former officemate, Juerl,who is getting married this Feb 9, to her ever loyal boyfriend, Eric. I actually got their pics in their friendster accounts. I make it simple and sweet..HOpe they like it..
PS. sorry if pics are not SO clear..nasira ang digicam namin. .nun nasa subic. I wonder why. when we are taking pics in the aqua cycle. di naman nabasa..sabi ni hubby, baka dahil sa araw...hope magawa kagad!! I needed it badly pa naman!!

supplies: Chipboards & frames- All about scrapbooking/ E & J letters - craft express/ rub ons-names& flower- Japan home center/ flowers-rekindled moments/ green& yellow paper-sizzix/ heart sticker-simple joys

Scrap Goodies!

Scrapping has been a newly found hobby and I really have the heart for it. That's why, every pay day I make sure I got a budget for it. Last payday I bought some stuffs in Simple Joys, Craft Express, SM stationery (megamall)and Rekindled Moments (my first time to buy)... mostly are layout papers..well, madami kasi akong nagagawa pag maraming papel..hehe! Super nababaybay ko ang Ortigas sa paghahanap ng supplies..every payday natataranta ako mamili..hehe!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Subic weekend!

colorful aqua cycles...looks go on the pic..

We both enjoy it! Love it!
below are my 2 cousins: Kevin & Len

Dennis and I have a Subic weekend. I just decided to visit our relatives..for short trip trip lang..biglaan. Since my Auntie Dolor is going to Quezon City, we met with her in Seameo Innotech, where she is attending an induction of Lions Club. So we also stayed there and have dinner..masarap na dinner.. After that, we headed to Subic. On sunday, Auntie Dolor prepared our lunch and we go to All Hands Beach Resort in Subic. I don't have plans to go lang. Pero si Dennis ay super mapilit. Together with two of my cousin who joined us, Kevin and Len..we have fun under the sun. We enjoyed more when we rented 2 colorful aqua cycles, which cost P300 each for an hour. Worth it naman at sulit dahil maganda ang pictorial! Its my first time to ride this wonderful aqua cycle..