Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm so 2008 and late :)

The title says it all. I'm so productive of taking pictures of the mini albums I made. I finished this one early last year. Its a transparent album with black and white motiff. Maybe late..but just like to share it :)

Night run 02.28.10

Its a Sunday. I'm well rested this day and so happy that hubby has asked me if I wanted to run...of course I said I'd love to..and I'm excited again..

I've counted the rounds I did, for the first 25 mins. I have a non-stop 8 rounds on the 800 meters oval track and another 8 rounds for almost 30 mins.. all in all I had 16 rounds. And I'm starving!

We dine at KFC in Blue Wave Marikina. Oh my! I love the Go-Go sandwich meal while Dennis had the Twister Hawaiian Meal. But I couldn't resist....the banana and strawberry krusher...sinful and yummy!

More runs! hopefully for the coming weeks. This is a much cheaper run, I'm in love with Marikina Sports Complex...mwah!

Girls day out ( 01.01.2009)

This was last year's album . It has been in my box for a long time and I haven't got time to take pictures. So here it is...habang sinisipag ako. I'll be making a new one, we have meet up last January 2010..can't wait to start with it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The first crop!

back cover- simple as that...

album cover. almost destroyed. fault? by me..

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something..

Last friday, I decided to take a leave from the office. I'm off to fight the stress and I wanted to accomplish something. Cel has invited me few weeks for a crop this February 26 at her place. I was so excited and happy that we'll be hanging out for scrapping. This is the first time!

But above anything else, after having a late lunch at Robinson's Galleria we are off to Lasting Impression for a quick shopping for some supplies. Gosh! Haven't done this for a long time and papers are all in my mind. Many papers and alphas are the stuffs i bought. Then right after shopping we went home straight to Cel's place. And the fun started with the crop!

Sharing the mini album I finish..finally the summer 2009 album that I've been wanting to do is done. Thanks Cel for everything , until next crop :)

P.S. I never learned my lesson on uploading pics. i should have uploaded the cover first..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miss You Like Crazy

Just watched it last night with hubby... I laugh and cry..crazy noh?


Everything is falling into place for Allan Alvarez (John Lloyd Cruz). With an impending high ranking promotion and four years of stable relationship with his dream girl, Daphne Recto (Maricar Reyes), he is at the cusp of getting everything he's always wanted.

Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) is getting tired of her forlorn life. She is back in Manila for the holidays after working hard for two years as a front desk officer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the hopes of getting chance to finally have a break, her family gets into another crisis that leaves her hopeless and fated.

Two individuals with seemingly predestined lives suddenly find their paths crossing on a ferry boat ride that will change the course of their journeys forever.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010

Candid lang..ayos ba?
Bangs is in talaga!!! where's Jenny??

This is the biggest running event I've ever joined since last year. The Fort is so busy and crowded at around 5:30 A.M. Traffic is bad and you can see people everywhere. Parking spaces are all full, and we are lucky this time coz took the cab..wink*

As we arrived at around 5:30 A.M (i think..i almost forgot to know what time is it..) and the starting line is very crowded. Super siksikan and yeah we are late. 10K gunshot was done. I just walk up to the front before 5K gunshot started. Bummer and hassle to the 3rd in. But I'm quite OK still, since this run has a championship chip..meaning time starts as you leave the starting line...pwede pa din.

Drinking stations has water and lots of Gatorade...and hey, each stations has good looking models mostly Brazillians..hehe! As I reached the finish line, I got a hard time looking for my buddies since there were hundreds of people in the venue. In a nearby stage I spotted celebrities like Georgina Wilson, Rafael Rosell, Gloria Diaz, Issa Calzado and other models. Then, I decided to get my loot bag and hell yah this is the longest line I ever into. This is where I saw Cel and Ivan. Grabe for an hour! Then after getting the loot bags, we grab our free meals (croissant, tuna pandesal, banana, and tuna salad), for the first time we did not need to go to McDonald's for breakfast.

P.S. How sad..I did not saw Derek Ramsey in person. :( so excited pa naman!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Run of the Century

February 21 is the date. This Sunday is the most awaited run. I got so much expectations..looking forward to see Derek Ramsey...

more updates after the race :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the V-day...

February 14, 2010

Happy Heart's Day everyone!! I'm not a sucker for this occasion, but seeing everyone celebrating it is contagious. I got one simple wish today to my dear hubby...I just want to RUN..and then we'll dine somewhere near Marikina Sports Complex. Happy that he'll go with me. Enjoy everyone...the LOVE bug is here :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


too hooked with Twitter & Facebook whenever I'm at home or even @ office..

too hooked with RUNNING..

too busy going out..

whenever I'm @ home I felt like sleeping or just simply watching T.V. or doing chores..

I just wish I can find time to SCRAP again... XOXO

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


February 9, 2010

Thank you Twitter for connecting me with dear friends..especially with the most boring time of my life @ work. So happy Lea, Madge and Raggie have their twitter accounts..With our new recruits today..Jane and Czhe..haha!

Shoutouts? Emo-mode~Angst ! happy moments...anything under the sun..and twitterverse. Just so perfect for someone with multiple status in a day of life..

I'm beggining to love it more;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Running weekend...

February 6 & 7, 2010

This is how I wanted it to be..To run when I'm not busy. I stayed at home this weekend. But I'm thankful for my husband who asks me if I wanted to run..hehe! I ran for two consecutive days at around past 7pm @ Marikina Sports Complex. So so so new, yet I so so love it. This is some kind of a cheap thrill! I spend only P10 for the entrance. And I just discovered that MSC has a free Wi-Fi..haha ang galing.. I confess that I also rewarded myself @ McDonald's after the run...can't resist it talaga.

Meet ups..catching up...

@ Pepper Lunch in Shangri-La with Raggie and Madge

with Lea @ Golden Spoon in Shangri-La

My first taste of Golden Spoon...Classic coffee with chocolate sprinkles

February 5, 2010

Friday and wishful. I wanted something new. The week before was a Twitter week. Hehe! Funny, but I was able to catch up with an old friend from college..Madge and together with Lea. We have lots of twitter posts and voila! we just decided for a meet up.I got a lot of downsides this week and thank goodness..I found a way to laugh and smile.

We decided to meet up @ Shangri-la just to say na super sosyal kami , aside sa pag-Twitter. Lea was first to arrived at Golden Spoon. Great! my first to taste the new frozen yogurt..and I decided to try Classic Coffee with chocolate sprinkles. The goddess, Madge, was late with the rush hour traffic. So we nag him or rather "her" for a treat. Lea and I had our first taste of Boysen toppings..pero yummy. Too bad, Lea has to leave kasi naman may elementary reunion. So Madge, call our college friend to come with us, another goddess...Raggie. Naks! 2 dyosa ang kasama ko nun Friday. I am so gay! Laughing my heart out.

We have dinner @ Pepper Lunch. This is the type of food I mix and mix until it is cooked..Love it. I had chicken something..haha can't remember but its yummy. The place has a free wi-fi..kaya we're even updating our Twitter status..haha! addict talaga. Then after few chit chats..we went to Starbucks. I had Caffe Latte as always courtesy of Raggie (this is so damn unusual..once in a blue moon..a miracle..hehe). We got so much stories and it was all fun. Hopefully, we get to see often..why not? ..