Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choi


from L-R: Ms. Beth, Madel, Angel, Gen, Ms. Minne, Oliver, & Sir Menel. Pic taken by yours truly...

Lady in Red and Red Dragon...

Walking galore...A picture taken near Binondo Church...Parang I know the 3 Gentlemen...
Chris nice and cutie...

Last January 26, 2009 is like another lazy monday for me. But as I reach Binondo area, where I go to work, I just find it busy. Yeah, early in the morning. Well, that was the start of my day. Many people (than any other day) in the streets and there were these different groups with what I believe will be performing for dragon dance that day. But I haven't mention from the start.. I was in my RED blouse..hehe! We have planned it the week before. But I just don't know that this is a really fun, I have no idea at all. It was my first Chinese New Year experience.
While at work, we get to glance at the windows. Hmm..yeah there was a little program in front of our building which is causing traffic. But as they all say , this happens yearly and lagi naman daw traffic dun..hehe! And fireworks is everywhere, most companies in the Binondo area has their own.. and as what they say again this happens yearly.Then we saw a celebrity. SO here was my take the picture of Blue Eagle's Chris Tiu... The branch where I worked wore red blouses. This is a Chinese tradition, they wore red shirts on the new year. I find it cute actually. There was also the dragon dance..where dragons enters and looks for the "ang pao" anywhere ...they have to get it where it was hanged. We have a lunchout and as we stepped out of the office..people are just everywhere. vendors, Tikoy, fruits, people in red..basta jampak! We have lunch at President's at 2pm (really late!). The food is really good and delicious. After few chit chats, we all went back to the office and we arrived at around 4pm. We're in a relax mode actually, tiring from walk and the good food. All in all , this is such a good experience.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Award from Yvette

i'm supposed to list down FIVE addictions and pass the awards on to FIVE other fabulous blogs.
I am addicted to:
1) Clothes- Eversince I'm in highschool, I really have love clothes..especially the bright colors..mmh.. its just like eating an ice cream..and I really felt happy everytime I got to buy clothes in my favorite boutiques.
2) Twilight Saga.- I've read Harry Potter before..but this romantic saga of Belle and Edward has knock me off..Kilig! I've been reading na..I never love reading books..pero my addiction with this has brought me to reading other stuffs.
3) Scrapbooking- This blog can explain...and I got a very-addicted scrap buddy..hehe! Cel!...
4) Bags- I'm not into expensive bags..(well I used to) pero basta yun maganda..and cute gusto ko yun..
5) Dried Mangoes- can't stop eating when I got these..hehe!

Thanks yvette..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheers to Artz de Scrap 1st Year!


Months ago, when I got a pretty idle time in the office (in my previous work) I get to view this blog everyday. I get to see different ideas and new faces. I was very interested with the tutorials that I even marked my calendar when they give some teaser (really) just I could view it when they unveil the new brilliant idea.

I get to join the challenges..I must admit I haven't won any of it, but for me its the idea that I was able to make something out of their very own. My favorite challenge is the HOUSE ALBUM. Actually I was one of the lucky persons who got the album. Unfortunately, the album has not arrived on time (it has arrived 2 months after the challenge) But since I'm eager to join, I got a last minute make my very own house album. here's the link:

Once again..cheers on your first year Artz de Scrap..hope I could really find time to join once again...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year...New beginnings!

The long holidays are very hectic one and for me its too "bitin"! But so many new memories has started during the New Year. I spend the New Year's Eve at our home. Well, I can now cook...Putanesca at least (Thanks to my mama, who gave me the instructions). It has been a simple eve with my family. Dennis is too amused with his niece, Caitlyn, who often cries everytime she's with him...ayaw kay Tito Den. On the day itself, I get to meet again my hubby's relatives who visited our house that day. We rarely see them, and I'm so glad to see them once again. But another reason why I was so!so!so!happy coz I was able to meet again my dear highschool friends. We rarely have a reunion thing like this since we got different schedules and some are out of the country. Rachelle and Flory were here so we have to meet (syempre). Rachelle will be back for another 2 years pa. We dine at Bubba Gump (of course treat ng dalawang balikbayan!) and super enjoy. Laugh, chat and eat are the things we did that day. So much stories...reminiscing! a day of nostalgia...After having coffee, we have a mini gimik at Giligans...happy new year!