Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year...New beginnings!

The long holidays are very hectic one and for me its too "bitin"! But so many new memories has started during the New Year. I spend the New Year's Eve at our home. Well, I can now cook...Putanesca at least (Thanks to my mama, who gave me the instructions). It has been a simple eve with my family. Dennis is too amused with his niece, Caitlyn, who often cries everytime she's with him...ayaw kay Tito Den. On the day itself, I get to meet again my hubby's relatives who visited our house that day. We rarely see them, and I'm so glad to see them once again. But another reason why I was so!so!so!happy coz I was able to meet again my dear highschool friends. We rarely have a reunion thing like this since we got different schedules and some are out of the country. Rachelle and Flory were here so we have to meet (syempre). Rachelle will be back for another 2 years pa. We dine at Bubba Gump (of course treat ng dalawang balikbayan!) and super enjoy. Laugh, chat and eat are the things we did that day. So much stories...reminiscing! a day of nostalgia...After having coffee, we have a mini gimik at Giligans...happy new year!

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scrapgurl said...

The holidays were so bitin for me too! Lalo na may pasok kami last January 2! Buti na lang may holiday this January for us, the Martin Luther King Jr. day on the 19th. It's a U.S. holiday eh.