Saturday, December 12, 2009

ComBank Christmas Party 2009

How I missed them. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed..sana I could go back. I'm so happy to join the ComBank Christmas Party last December 11, 2009. We have exert an extra effort for the presentation contest. I was in Binondo office for the past 3 days for dance practice. It was really always fun. And the good news: We won the 2nd Place. True enough, we are 4 competing units..2 units won the 1st place..hehe (kundi pang 3rd kami...ayos!)

Meeting #1: Rachelle's back!

We have no idea, until I send a message at Facebook...kundi pa okrayin di hihirit! hehe!. Buti na lang talaga may FB. Dumating na pala si Rachelle! Last Thursday, me and my bestest friends in highschool have agreed to meet up at Trinoma. Rachelle's back again and its so good to see her. We are almost complete this time, our last meet up was last January 2009, but Andeng couldn't make it. So here we are almost almost complete (too bad, Lynnette is not here in the Phils...but we are looking forward this April 2010).

I never thought I could make it to Trinoma. I left the office at around 6p.m. and unfortunately LRT was closed due to fire nearby the Recto station. The place is so crowded and busy. I even texted one of my friends, Andeng, that I could not go with them na. But I was glad that I was lucky enough to find a jeepney to Morayta and lucky again to ride an FX to Trinoma..with no traffic pa sa Espana.

It will always be a special meet up, since this does not happen in a long time. When I arrived at Trinoma, I meet up with Jenny and Andeng. Then Cel and Rachelle arrived. Flory ann meet us up at Giligan's. How I miss the noise and the kakulitans. Our conversation has been pretty interesting. With our favorite topic. How we evolve. Less na ang conservative and it was all fun.

Update! update

dear college friends: Erwin, Aideen, and Lea

Now I want a baby boy!!

Aideen and Eric with their precious kids: Leeanne and Echo

Judea..thanks for the treat.we miss u

Its good to see you again guys!

Emily, Ging, Candice, Jude and Sandy

With my Digitel friends;) reunion ito!

I have been busy lately. I really know why....I must admit Facebook is so addicting and it really eats my time. Well, now that I'm in my mood for blogging, now its time to update what's happening in my daily life. December has been a busy month. And so sad, my first day of the month has to start with a different unit. Sad that I have to leave Binondo. Not so sure if this is for good, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How so unfair, in a different view. But I am hopeful now...enough of the downside. Sharing the UPside of my life...with my dear friends..everywhere who shares the laughs with me.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Timex Run

Proud to finish 10K

Sandy & Cel

I love you Piolo talaga!

Last November 15, is my most awaited run though this time I'm the only one who was registered for this run. But I have to run for this..and of course, I would not let my chance to see Papa PJ passed by..

Dennis and I arrived at The Fort at around 4:30 A.M. We are quite early and I'm really excited:) By the time that 21K runners were asked to assembly, the host is announcing something..and I got a hunch. We are backstage when Piolo Pascual was called to lead for a prayer. I was so starstrucked with this good looking, yummy, and sexy human being (hehe!) I was just few steps away..but just don't have the luck to have a picture with him because bodyguards were called. As in dinudumog in ganun.. I was so happy when I found out that Papa PJ is running for the least diba? But again, luck is not with me..huhu! As 10K run started, I was so preoccupied.. I was thinking of running after him..hehe Honestly, I ran for 3K without stopping..slow pacing but surely this time. I was so determined of getting near him. Too bad, he's too fast as he runs with Coach Rio together with the bodyguards. When I was in Paseo Ave he was about to return, while I still had a lot to in nakakatamad na.. But of course, I finished this 10K run. Glad that Maricel and Ivan, was able to run though they were not registered. At least may kasabay na kami:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frozen Yogurt craze

red mango: classic yogurt with mango & blueberry toppings...

WHite Hat: we ordered the classic..yummy

I have been curious what are these yogurt ice creams...hmmm. Last Oct. 26, I just finally decided to dropped by Trinoma. Its the day before my ayun, I treat myself with Red Mango. There are so many varieties..and I got no idea. I tried the classic with mango & blueberry toppings...ang yummy! A good experience of a frozen yogurt and I'm happy with it.

Then yesterday, me and my dear friend, Lea decided to dine @ White Hat, another brand at Robinson's Galleria, that sells frozen yogurts. Judgement: much better..tastes more like yogurt. I tried the banana toppings with brownies and cashews..I just discovered that aside from classic flavor, White Hat also has green tea flavored yogurts..and strawberry too..I'll be trying other flavors next time...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

MY 29th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary..

our 2nd year picture;)

moi! on my 29th year..a year older..whew!

Den took this pic..the Yu family...

I'm on my 29th year..di pa din nagsink-in..Just a thought na I married at an early age..haha and we are on our 2nd year..ganun lang. It was just a simple day last October 27. What's different is that I had my birthday leave...a day break from the office which is so so so good. I just surf all day and sleep...I was so touched with the greeting I saw at my wall in Facebook. It was like an oline service..I thanked everyone who greeted me!

In the evening that day we had a dinner buffet @ Tramway Garden Buffet in Timog with our family. Simple yet a different one this time. Just wish for more years to me and our may not be as perfect as I wished, but hoping for a good one. One more thing, I wished for our little angel soon;) if God permits...why not??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

KOTR pictures..

It was me and my brother, Sam who were able to attend this event. We took the cab at around 4:30am. Well, this is new, no hassles getting the taxi..walang a-hole;) We arrived at The Fort at past 5 A.M. Everyone's busy stretching and there's a big crowd..I know this is really a big event. We arrived early in the place, and I was alone waiting this time since my brother meet up with his officemates...this is new again since most of our friends did not join this event...(asan na ba kayo??). Well, the good thing is that as I waited for the race to start there's a free brewed coffee and pandesal.
The 10K runners was asked to get ready at around 5:30A.M..we waited for 30 mins before the gunstart. I was too excited for this run, it has been almost a month since my last run. And too nervous..because I knew that there would be alot of walking kasi di na ko sanay..which is ganun na nga nangyari. I finally finished the 10K run after 1 hr, 22 mins ++ , no improvement but not that bad.. sana tama lang tingin ko sa timer. I did not have a hard time finding Ivan and Cel...though the location is very busy. 10K runners has the biggest number at 7,600++ madami na ang nag 10K dati 5K ang madami..

It is so unusual to see free bananas. In this event, water stations also has banana freebies..and in the event location as well..Bumaha ng piling ng saging.. THough wala talagang ibang freebie ang Adidas as in yun lang.. Then, as we are making tambay.. we have our pics taken with coach Rio..who's been nice;) We got few kodakans in the locations, but this time we just used our new useful lalo sa ganitong kakonti namin..hehe After that, we headed to Mcdonald's ..we deserved the BIG meal tiring yet so fun..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adidas King of the Road 2009

My first run for KOTR. It was only I, my brother, Sam , Cel and Ivan who is running tomorrow. ANg onti namin. I'm getting ready today here at Lagro....its almost a month since I last run...tama ba? I better be ready since I'm running for 10K....hope I could still beat the last record I had during the Rota unsure..matagal ng walang practice..hehe

I'll be posting pictures...SOON

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new phone! woot!

Bought a new phone, much better than new baby, so happy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rota Run '09

09.20.09 I really had no plans to join Rota Run, not until Euf, my brother's friend, asked me the other day and I said Yes!..Unfortunately, 5K slots were already closed and 10K na lang ang open..I had no choice. This is definitely a new experience..why? I run with a big improvement. In my previous 10K run, it took me 1 hr, 33 minutes...but this morning, neither I can't believe..I made it for only 1 hour, 5 minutes and 5 seconds . And this is the time I saw at the TIMEX counter as I reached the finishline..Sana nga tama ang nakita ko, pero to be sure I have a 20-20 vision pa.

The weather's A-okay this morning, and the location is same with Earth Run..pati singlet is same yun nga lang ibang nakaprint. Dennis brought his new Nikon D90 for this run, kaya ibang excitement sa pictorials..kaya din siguro ako mabilis..hehe

My favorite dress..

Another fab find. I wore it last friday at the office. The dress that I like since the first time I saw.....have you ever felt that??? How lucky to find it half the price @ Plains & Prints in Gateway....Kaya feel ko to wear it all the way to Eastwood..hehe! Here's a picture taken again using my 6300 by my hubby..hehe love ko lang talaga kaya super share ako;)

Cyma Part 2

Susan & Sandy @ Cyma for the 2nd time around..

09.18.09 Ate Susan & I just decided to go to Eastwood, Libis for a dinner. I was the first to arrived @ Eastwood. But before anything else, I managed to go to Dairy Queen, YES! I've been thinking of the Banana Strawberry..kaya yun ang inuna ko..been craving for it! After my sweet cravings, I stroll around Eastwood Mall. I saw some celebrities dining there. I saw Agot Isidro, with her husband, Manu Sandejas, and Rowell Santiago having dinner @ Momo Cafe.(sight seeing lang). And of course, I go window shopping. I waited for almost 2 hours since Ate Susan was stucked in their office meeting. Before I met Ate Susan, I met my hubby first. May pasok kasi so I texted him to come with me before going to work. Afterwards, we met Ate Susan, and as usual in her own stylish look..hehe groovy talaga;)

We stroll around for few minutes, while Dennis left us (time for work na kasi). Then we decided to dine to Cyma Greek Tavern for our late dinner. The solo serving is good for two. We ordered Tonnos Salad ( tuna with vegetables salad , with vinegarrette dressing..) and The chicken gyro ( not sure, but its like a kebab with tomatoes and onion on the stick, the tasty sauce completes its all, together with the pita breads). We had a very interesting chikahan that's why we stayed til past 12 mn....I used my nokia 6300 phone for the pics..hehe biglaan kasi kaya I did not bring the camera

Eco Dash Run

09.13.09 It was a rainy morning. But we are pretty sure that we'll still run for this event. As we arrived at The Fort, the clouds were dark and no doubt it'll be raining. Ate Michele, Niki, Euf and Atoy ran for 10K while I was alone in the 5K..huhu. 10K runners were the first to run. Before the gun shot, I was in doubt to run. I just remembered that I haven't bring an extra shirt nor a towel (too stupid!) hehe. But I just quickly decided that I'll run...sayang ang bayad..hehe and I needed it badly. During the run, the rain suddenly in! unlike during our first run (Earth Run). My clothes and socks are wet and I was chillin'....huhu poor runners! But we made it.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kimmy Dora

This movie made my day.

I laugh..laugh..and laugh again and again. I just needed a break..and glad that I just had it..hehe

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eleksyon 2010 na! Tatakbo ka ba?

Tumakbo na kami!!!

Yesteday has been the race day. Yun nga lang, not all of us were able to register for this event. It was me, Jr, Euf and Atoy this time. So we took a cab on our way to The Fort. Funny, coz yun nasakyan namin is every sleepy driver. Imagine stopping at C5 and told us na he haven't slept for 24 hours? Darn! Kaya pala it took us 100 years to get to the place sa sobrang kabagalan.

Moving forward, as we arrived at the location. It has been busy and crowded compared with our previous run. This event was organized by GMA 7. There are lots of runners and as what I've noticed..madaming "UZI's". The event was broadcast live kaya ganun andaming gumising ng maaga para mag osyoso..ganun na nga. 5K and 10K run started at the same time. And we are like sardines at the start area....ganun talaga ulit;)

The 5K run is much easier for me now. I have less, less, less (take note yun less) walk this time, I try the jogging lang na not so mabilis..pacing lang talaga. And medyo ok. ;) Hay naku, I've learned my lesson well, not to drink to much fluids..haay naiihi ako..kaya yun medyo walking mode nako nun pabalik. I haven't got the time to know my sobrang daming tao and dahil sa pila sa finish line...siksikan pa din. I got to see some celebs like Luis Alandy, Paulo Paraiso, Pia Arcangel, Lyn Ching, Paolo Bediones, and Suzzie Abrera.

Girls Night Out

Jenny, Sandy, Cel & Andrea

Last Friday, has been a not so good day for me at the office. Ang daming hassle!
And why does it always have to be like that?...kung kelan may lakad ka daming hassle talaga;)
Imagine waiting til 7P.M. for a clearance of an account? when you asked the reviewer nun morning pa.? diba?? Thankful, kasi yun boss ko nainip na din. And then it does not end there, its raining outside when I got out of the office..hay! P.I. talaga.. Buti hanggang sa ulan na lang ang badtrip. I get to Trinoma smoothly and arrived there before 8 P.M (not bad na din, thanks sa MRT & LRT). I met with my dear highschool friends. It was Jenny, Maricel and its good to have Andrea in our gimmik this time. I haven't seen her for a long time. As usual, we have lots of stories. Serious life stories but we just make fun of it. We have our mini sessions @ Giligan's (where pa ba??). And after that we had coffee @ Starbucks. It has been an enjoying night as ever and good news..we're planning to do this every 30th? basta end of month..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Superfriends Night Out

Intro: Friday..a holiday and I was facebooking all day. Angie, our dear friend and officemate was online. Start na kong nagyaya to have a night out on Saturday (yesterday)
Saturday at around 6:30pm. Dennis and I left the house. We'll in Tomas Morato, Quezon City to meet our dear friends and former officemates in UCPB. I suggested to have our night out to Dapo, since its not that noisy there so we could chat and catch up with the latest chikas. And all agreed. So no problemo with the location. We arrived first at around past 7P.M. How I missed the whole place of Tomas Morato. There were lots of new establishments and still nothing's change, buhay na buhay pa din. I felt like a child in a candy store..with my mouth open..hehe! as in namiss ko lang talaga. Since everybody in on their way pa lang to Dapo, Den & I walked around and I decided to go at ABS-CBN..for a Starbucks and celebrity sight seeing...who knows diba. So, we have a frap at Starbucks. Actually medyo onti yun tao. We are able to see Aiza Marquez, who is making tambay at Starbucks then in a little while, Kathleen Hermosa arrived. They were friends pala..hehe But I was a bit more hopeful to see Piolo Pascual (hehe) or John Lloyd...(asa pa). We decided to leave the area at past 8 P.M. , I felt like our friends are near the area.
As soon as we get back to Dapo. Angie and Angelo were already there. And a little later, Ann and his DH, Erick arrived. In a little more while, Eric and Juerl finally came. Galing talaga, proven ang biglaang yayaan. So what more? We started to order 2 buckets....its been a while since my last drink (forgotten na..kelan ba yun? I was out of my mind na..) Thought Ate Susan was not coming anymore since its her dear grandchild's birthday. Mmmm, walang kupas coz she was around at past 10 P.M with her friend, Boss. It has been a night of kwentos and a planning of an outing again..ano ba? hindi na natuloy.. I was happy to see them again, basta antagal na kasi. We left the place at past 1 A.M.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Urbanite Update ;)

T'was the first ever night run. Kenny's Open Urbanite Run is a very successful event. I think there are over 3,000 runners in the venue. The Fort Bonifacio Global City has been pretty busy last night. The traffic I think sucks..because of the event (sorry sa lahat na naperwisyo..minsan lang naman to.). We decided to borrow my in-laws' car so we can get to the venue easily. We left Lagro at around 5:30P.M. I'm starving to death when we arrived, and I think I better fill myself with something..And then we go straight ahead to Go Nut Donuts, near Fitness First. We have some pictorial after eating, since it was still early. And we saw the very controversial, Maricar Reyes, who passed by..I was just surprise to see her (and I saw her in front of me during the run...)

The run was hosted by Marc Nelson, while his buddy, Rovilson Fernandez joined the 15K run. I was so excited to run, since it was 3 weeks since my last run. Though I was so worried of the body ache it can cause me..this is a 10K run. We also saw, Diane Castillejos, who is also running for 10K and she was also covering her news for Sports Unlimited. I was able to survived the 10K run .. I have it for 1 hour, 32 mins. and 46 secs...mmm pwede na siguro. But I really felt good, body ache is manageable;) Next run will be on August 30.. Tatakbo Ka Ba Election 2010 , which was sponsored by GMA 7.....