Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cyma Part 2

Susan & Sandy @ Cyma for the 2nd time around..

09.18.09 Ate Susan & I just decided to go to Eastwood, Libis for a dinner. I was the first to arrived @ Eastwood. But before anything else, I managed to go to Dairy Queen, YES! I've been thinking of the Banana Strawberry..kaya yun ang inuna ko..been craving for it! After my sweet cravings, I stroll around Eastwood Mall. I saw some celebrities dining there. I saw Agot Isidro, with her husband, Manu Sandejas, and Rowell Santiago having dinner @ Momo Cafe.(sight seeing lang). And of course, I go window shopping. I waited for almost 2 hours since Ate Susan was stucked in their office meeting. Before I met Ate Susan, I met my hubby first. May pasok kasi so I texted him to come with me before going to work. Afterwards, we met Ate Susan, and as usual in her own stylish look..hehe groovy talaga;)

We stroll around for few minutes, while Dennis left us (time for work na kasi). Then we decided to dine to Cyma Greek Tavern for our late dinner. The solo serving is good for two. We ordered Tonnos Salad ( tuna with vegetables salad , with vinegarrette dressing..) and The chicken gyro ( not sure, but its like a kebab with tomatoes and onion on the stick, the tasty sauce completes its all, together with the pita breads). We had a very interesting chikahan that's why we stayed til past 12 mn....I used my nokia 6300 phone for the pics..hehe biglaan kasi kaya I did not bring the camera

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