Saturday, November 21, 2009

Timex Run

Proud to finish 10K

Sandy & Cel

I love you Piolo talaga!

Last November 15, is my most awaited run though this time I'm the only one who was registered for this run. But I have to run for this..and of course, I would not let my chance to see Papa PJ passed by..

Dennis and I arrived at The Fort at around 4:30 A.M. We are quite early and I'm really excited:) By the time that 21K runners were asked to assembly, the host is announcing something..and I got a hunch. We are backstage when Piolo Pascual was called to lead for a prayer. I was so starstrucked with this good looking, yummy, and sexy human being (hehe!) I was just few steps away..but just don't have the luck to have a picture with him because bodyguards were called. As in dinudumog in ganun.. I was so happy when I found out that Papa PJ is running for the least diba? But again, luck is not with me..huhu! As 10K run started, I was so preoccupied.. I was thinking of running after him..hehe Honestly, I ran for 3K without stopping..slow pacing but surely this time. I was so determined of getting near him. Too bad, he's too fast as he runs with Coach Rio together with the bodyguards. When I was in Paseo Ave he was about to return, while I still had a lot to in nakakatamad na.. But of course, I finished this 10K run. Glad that Maricel and Ivan, was able to run though they were not registered. At least may kasabay na kami:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frozen Yogurt craze

red mango: classic yogurt with mango & blueberry toppings...

WHite Hat: we ordered the classic..yummy

I have been curious what are these yogurt ice creams...hmmm. Last Oct. 26, I just finally decided to dropped by Trinoma. Its the day before my ayun, I treat myself with Red Mango. There are so many varieties..and I got no idea. I tried the classic with mango & blueberry toppings...ang yummy! A good experience of a frozen yogurt and I'm happy with it.

Then yesterday, me and my dear friend, Lea decided to dine @ White Hat, another brand at Robinson's Galleria, that sells frozen yogurts. Judgement: much better..tastes more like yogurt. I tried the banana toppings with brownies and cashews..I just discovered that aside from classic flavor, White Hat also has green tea flavored yogurts..and strawberry too..I'll be trying other flavors next time...