Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flory's Back

Last January 24, I meet up with my closest friends in highschool. Flory's back from Norway. Actually she left last September 2007. Its good to see her back. It was I , Jenny, Flory, and Maricel who came. Our friend andrea did not make it, she has a flu...while our other friends are at abroad already. Lynnette who's currently in France (am I right??) while Rachelle is working in Bahamas..we missed them both! super tagal na talaga. I'm glad kasi updated naman si Lynnette, thanks sa blog=)

Our meeting place is @ Trinoma, right after office I go straight to Cubao to ride the MRT. Super bilis lang! In less than an hour I arrived at Trinoma. I meet up with Jenny and Maricel who's already at Burger King. And then, we meet up Flory @ Gerry's Grill. We have dinner there and thanks to Flory, treat nya kasi =) We got so much to eat and yummy talaga. We have crab rice, kilawin na pusit, inihaw na pusit, kangkong w/ garlic, pork sisig, and I forgot the other one na masarap din..adobo cya na crispy...(gutom nako talaga while doing this blog!). We have pictorials once in a while...aba minsan lang kami magmeet, sana nga may day ng pagmeet..Kami ni Maricel, malamang kasi we are into scrapbooking.

Right after Dinner, we headed to the 4th Floor of Trinoma. We passed by the cinema and then, we go outside. Well, I almost forgot that we are at the top of the mall, because of the park there. I was so impressed. Its a nice place to hang out. There were restos and coffee shops. We have coffee at Starbucks. In here, we were joined by Jen's hubby, Ryan. We have some chicka-chika. But unfortunately, we have to leave at around 10:30pm since we still have to go to work. I forgot that its only Thursday..may friday pa pala.. Flory will be back soon to Norway...but she'll still be back again here in the Philippines soon din..Flory thanks for the hearty treat..have a happy and safe trip. ciao!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Leeane Erica's Baptism

A ninang again. I felt like its a blessing. My hubby and I are planning to have our angel by next year (hopefully). We enjoy seeing babies..really! My new godchild is the daughter of my dear good friend, Aideen, who just got married last Jan 06..and maid of honor niya ko..close kami talaga.

Leeane is 3 month old. How times flies so quickly. She was born last October 21. Kaya her mom did not make it to my wedding day on the 27th of October. She's very cute, charming and pretty (dahil October din cya pinanganak). I was amused how she projects in the camera, manang mana sa nanay mag pose...3 month old palang yan.

On the baptismal day, I was with my hubby and my college friend, Debren. Kamusta naman at late ang 2 naming kasama (si Lea & Ram) na humabol na lang at dumating ng 1:30PM..12noon kaya ang binyagan..hehe! its better to be late than never naman (diva). It took us about an hour to reach Plaridel, Bulacan. Leean was baptized to the same church where her mom and dad was married (i forgot the church's name). Its just near their house actually. I was so surprise to see lots of youngsters in the church. And that's it..the priest has informed us during the mass that there will be almost 60 young ones to be baptized that day.. So medyo tumagal talaga ang misa. The baptismal ceremony was finished after an hour. And we go straight to their residence where the reception took place. What a heart lunch. Infairness masarap lahat...

To my friend Aideen and her husband Eric...congrats! And Thanks for the good food..and for your trust sa kin..I'll be a good ninang! and I'll be here for Leeane..always=)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cellini Johanne's Baptism

I'm a godmother once again. Its the first time to meet my godchild, Hanne. She's 8 months year old. She's the daughter of my college classmate/ friend, Jonafaye. Baptism took place at Immaculate Conception Parish at Concepcion, Marikina. Reception was at their residence at Silang, San Mateo...20 mins from the church...

Trip sa Cauayan Isabela

Our trip was last January 4 pa. Medyo toxic lang since mahirap sa office mag upload ng pics from digicam. Kaya when I got home last weekend to our house..kasi birthday ng mother ko..naka pag upload ako sa wakas.
Dati Baguio na yata ang pinaka malayong lugar ang napuntahan ko. And now, Isabela na. We went there to visit my hubby's college friend and kasi birthday nya. We left Manila at around8:45 PM..the trip is kinda fast since it has one stop over. We ride Florida bus. First time ko makakita ng bus na may CR. At around 4am, we are fetched by Celso, the birhday boy and my hubby's friend. By the way we are with my hubby's college buddies..weng, vicky, rochelle and dindo. I really have fun with them. Parang di ako others..hehe!
Aside from celebrating Celso's birthday we also take our time to go to some places there. Para masulit naman namin ang pagpunta namin.. On sunday morning, we all go to church and have a hearty mirienda courtesy of Celso's mom...Then ayun, we go to Santiago City. We visited Our Lady of La Sallette Shrine, Magat Dam and Camp Vizcara. We left on a monday around 1: 30 pm. I was so shock of the travel time we have, can you imagine 11 hours? Grabe...Though its all fun and nice experience..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WeDnesDay Dinner!

Top: Ogad, Lea, Aideen & Sandy
Below: our dessert, courtesy of Lea. Yummy Butterscotch Pia..!

Below: Dining @ Mexicali..

I was so excited to see Lea, Aideen and Ogad last night. We met up at Podium. Actually dahil sa may gusto akong bilihin sa kasi and most stuffs are new! While fitting up, I just remember our college days. I just heard their laughters and kulitan and mega "barahan", take note 3 pa lang sila. Pano pa kaya pag andun pa ang iba naming kabarkada...todo ingay siguro
I was glad to buy 2 polo shirts ...50% off kasi on all items..kewl!

We decided to have our dinner in Megamall. We quickly decided to dine @ Mexicali..pano di pa namin na try dun pare-pareho. So many stories..And ang daming nakakatuwa. I was glad that Aideen has come. Pano mommy na sya to her 3 month old daughter, Leean Erica, who'll be baptized this Sunday (January 20) at shempre ninang kami nila Lea and Ogad..hehe! kaya officially magkukumare na kami. Yummy ang foods in Mexicali. Me, Lea and Aideen go for the Grilled Steak Burritos and ang torn na kasama namin, este "Rose " din pala na si Ogad, go for the Beef taco and Enchilada Combo. Then we have the corn on the cob and also nachos w/ olives and cheese (treat ni Lea). Medyo heavy ang meal..kakabusog kagad and dahil medyo spicy ang food, mapapainom ka ng mapapainom..hehe! And of course I get to share my wedding kwentos to Aideen. Pano absent sya nun wedding ko, kasi she just gave birth nun..

After our pictorials we got to go na talaga..lalo ang mommy naming kasama. Pero I really had fun seeing them..minsan minsan na lang ito.. Sana nga maulit lagi=)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Layouts..

Top: With my best buds in highschool..spice girls!
Below: My favorite pic with my mother..minsan lang yan pic namin=)

Below: One of the memorable moments in our wedding..our kiss! The wedding ceremony has been serious and solemn. My hubby never failed to make everybody laugh..well we got a long kissing scene..hehe! Even our photographer was so happy to see it and he even remarked na naubos ang memory card nya. It is the longest kiss na nakita daw nya sa wedding.

Here are some of the LOs I have before we get busy. This is the time when its just me and my hubby in the apartment. Medyo maluwang pa nuon..hehe! Pero I'll still find a way para matapos ang wedding album. I'm having lots and lots of thinking..anu bang maganda..any suggestions? hehe! I'll appreciate ur comments on these. Si hubby ang unang tao na nakakakita nito, so far okay daw..sabi nya..haha! bawal kasi umangal..hehe!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I really miss scrapbooking...

We've been busy for the past few days. During the weekends we went to Cauayan, Isabela together with my hubby's College buddies to visit their college friend who is residing there.

When we got home, we've been fixing the things in the house. . . Well its my hubby's family house, and it will be under construction. Not quite sure if it will take 3 to 4 months. We are renting an apartment, and its a small one. Kaya yun medyo masikip..a little space for my things, a little space din for scrapbooking..huhu! Pero I'll still try to make some layouts ha...ako pa...I'll publish new LO's one I got time, whew!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My 1st DIY-name tag magnets

Just like to share my very own name tag magnets. I was so thankful to the Holidays, I was able to make something, actually a gift to 15 officemates. I was so glad coz, I already have the embellishments I needed, and initially I used the clear alphabet stamps that I bought. Super gamit nga eh! Happy to find cheap board tags @ Papemelroti and also small & round magnets in Japan Home Center .. its so cheap lang din. Here are the samples, yun iba kasi napamigay ko na..hehe! Hope u like it!