Sunday, June 12, 2011

Caitlyn @ 3

June 4, 2011

Its Caitlyn's 3rd year. Thanks to Mommy C and Baby C for this amusing treat. Its my first time to enjoy kiddie rides at Enchanted Kingdom. And my first try to Ekstreme...haggard sa pagkalula..makalaglag matres.

Sharing the pictures we. Yes, we had fun :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Boracay Experience

waiting game..waiting for Lea's friends and not knowing na madedelay ang flight ng 1 hour...gosh we are excited

Mye, Cel, and Jhet...mga kasama namin sa flight.

becky Lea and yours truly.. ilang dipa na lang Boracay na! woot!

eme-eme lang sa room @ Fat Jimmys. Peso power, I should say :)

Picture taken at Ole...ariba lang! haha!

kami na! oo...kami na ang nabusog sa Taco

Tacos! Tacos!Tacos!

May 27-30 2011

Day 1, Friday
Its my first time to be at the much talked about Boracay. Its also my hubby's first time. We are with Lea, my college friend, and together with her former officemates. We left Manila at around 1:30 pm. Our flight was 1 hour delayed. Thank you Zest Air and the weather (sarcastic!)
Unfortunately, its raining when we came. We stayed at Fat Jimmy's Boracay. Its clean, nice, and cheap with Wi-Fi access. Not to mention, its just a few minutes walk to the beautiful shores of Boracay.

During dinner, we walk and find restos at D' Mall. Its a busy place with lots of resto and botiques. And we decided to dine at Ole, a Spanish & Mexican Restaurant. I decided to have Tacos..mwah! I just regret our first day. Its raining, we didn't swim, and I'm feeling tired.

warm up lang muna..wait lang..haha!

bumabagyo daw...saan?

todo silong lang..badtrip na ulan.

gloomy yet pwede na. At least tumila ang ulan, kaya eto na!

Kulitan lang muna, before going out :)

naglakad lang patungong Station 1. this is in front of Pearl of the Pacific Boracay..

Cheesecake at its best sa Cafe Del Sol. Para sa mga nag alay lakad!
Day 2, Saturday
The rainy stopped in a bit. But its quite dark. Keber! I wore my black slash mala FHM swimwear. We swim for more than an hour I guess with bigay todong pictorial on the side. Then suddenly it drizzled and rained again...good thing we are at Shakey's for lunch. It has been a walking galore after lunch. Then, we decided to walked back to Fat Jimmy's. Yes, the rain inspired us to sleep after shower.

We have a quick dinner at Dokito..yes! no choice as epic fail lang ang palengke. No more seafoods na pwedeng ipaluto. And then, we headed to Cafe Del Sol for coffee and cheesecakes..yes!

Hello sunshine! walk again to Station 1..
with Hubby....ansexy namin no?

Eto, kami na ang naglakas ng loob...oh come on..sige na patawad na :)

matter of life and death...FIERCE lang!

the Boracay Babes!..woot!

The ever famous Jonah's fruitshake...the best!!!

sus!...wala lang

kyeme lang..

bondat galore...buffet at Mongolian! burp!

eto ang mga nabusog :)

meeting Monette with Melyvic..tamang tama napadaan si Dingdong..syat nga !

@ Cafe Del Sol again...its where the famous dine know...hehe
Day 3, Sunday
Hello sunshine! I get to wear my favorite and pang "main" event na swimwear..LOL! Its something I bought at Nothing But H20. Walking galore to Station 1..Yes, we stayed infront of Peart of the Pacific Boracay. We all have a great time with the waves and shallow water. For someone who can't swim, this is fun. The sun make us stay in the water and again, needless to say. Pictorial is the main event. My first two piece a bombshell! haha!

Afterwards, a quick walk we headed to try the best fruitshake in Boracay...Jonah's fruitshake. I dare to try Banana & Melon. So yummy! I just can't understand why Dennis tried, Pineapple and Lemon. Gosh! how milk! Then we ride a trike for Lunch. This is a real beach bumming slash foodtrip! We tried the paluto in Talipapa. And while waiting for our lunch, we bought our "pasalubongs" since its cheaper in Talipapa. Ref magnets, shirts, piyaya, and keychains are my giveaways.

It rained again in the afternoon, that's why we are often stucked at our rooms. We did uploading of pictures at FB during these times. We had decided for a buffet at Mongolian during dinner. I'm so full this time! I also meet up my dear officemate, Monette, after dinner. By the time we met, we saw Dingdong Dantes and have a photo Op. (nothing much). And we had coffee at Cafe del Sol. Another quick pictorial galore ;0

Can't get enough of Boracay. So sad that we have to leave..seeing the sun, na nagtago habang nasa Bora...hmmmp!

Day 4, Monday
I'm on still on vacation leave. We woke up late. And we all quickly fix our things. This is the saddest part of the vacation. This is the time when I felt it was tiring. And I was so irritated, 'coz the sun is up, now that we are leaving.