Friday, June 18, 2010

Back again at Zambales

I thought this was not going to push through. But I did find a way.

Its a long weekend and I know we all need a quick getaway. Zambales is the right place we all thought. Together with my college friends, Aideen (who's with her hubby, Eric), Lea, and Erwin. And of course I'm with my dear Dennis and our D90 ( na di pwedeng maiwan!)

Thanks to the fine and sunny weather...i so loved it..Thank God!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The birthday girl..enjoying the water!
June 5, 2010

Saturday..and its Caitlyn's 2nd year birthday! Thought it would rain the whole day. Its a cloudy and rainy morning when I woke up. And as a result, I'm too lazy to move and got stuck with my laptop. Dennis, left earlier to go to Oasis to submit some pictures and for their meeting.

We went to 9 waves Ciudad Cristia at Ampid. Together with my in-laws and niece, Caitlyn and my SIL, Cheyenne. No plans of swimming, but I did brought a pair of swimwear and boardshorts for Dennis. I was eating the whole day while all of them swim. I finally, give in when Dennis arrived in the afternoon, haha! Can't resist the water :) I enjoyed the waves....

SEX and The CITY part 2

June 4, 2010

Whoa! My dear friend, Lea and I just had the same thing in our minds..we wanted to watch a movie..the same movie. Just so happened that I'm too busy to text her..but she did, and I quickly replied my sweet and excited YES!

Amidst all the NOT-SO-NICE review of foreign critics...The movie is entertaining and its purely about the GIRLS I loved for years. Before the movie started, I just told Lea, that I watched the movie 2 years ago..Alone, while waiting for my interview with Unionbank..its June 5, 2008 to be exact when I watched the first movie of SATC. How time flies! whew! Same movie and same cinema :)

The movie has started right..what about the Empire State of Mind song? it! Then a series of funny dialogues hit me so much. It never changed. Same "green" and catchy lines never fails to make me laugh. The old and not so good looks of the girls, the gay wedding, the sparkle, the bra-less nanny, the awful boss and the never ending SEX stories...Lea and I agreed, its so so funny and we can't get over it :)