Saturday, June 5, 2010


The birthday girl..enjoying the water!
June 5, 2010

Saturday..and its Caitlyn's 2nd year birthday! Thought it would rain the whole day. Its a cloudy and rainy morning when I woke up. And as a result, I'm too lazy to move and got stuck with my laptop. Dennis, left earlier to go to Oasis to submit some pictures and for their meeting.

We went to 9 waves Ciudad Cristia at Ampid. Together with my in-laws and niece, Caitlyn and my SIL, Cheyenne. No plans of swimming, but I did brought a pair of swimwear and boardshorts for Dennis. I was eating the whole day while all of them swim. I finally, give in when Dennis arrived in the afternoon, haha! Can't resist the water :) I enjoyed the waves....

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