Saturday, October 31, 2009

MY 29th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary..

our 2nd year picture;)

moi! on my 29th year..a year older..whew!

Den took this pic..the Yu family...

I'm on my 29th year..di pa din nagsink-in..Just a thought na I married at an early age..haha and we are on our 2nd year..ganun lang. It was just a simple day last October 27. What's different is that I had my birthday leave...a day break from the office which is so so so good. I just surf all day and sleep...I was so touched with the greeting I saw at my wall in Facebook. It was like an oline service..I thanked everyone who greeted me!

In the evening that day we had a dinner buffet @ Tramway Garden Buffet in Timog with our family. Simple yet a different one this time. Just wish for more years to me and our may not be as perfect as I wished, but hoping for a good one. One more thing, I wished for our little angel soon;) if God permits...why not??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

KOTR pictures..

It was me and my brother, Sam who were able to attend this event. We took the cab at around 4:30am. Well, this is new, no hassles getting the taxi..walang a-hole;) We arrived at The Fort at past 5 A.M. Everyone's busy stretching and there's a big crowd..I know this is really a big event. We arrived early in the place, and I was alone waiting this time since my brother meet up with his officemates...this is new again since most of our friends did not join this event...(asan na ba kayo??). Well, the good thing is that as I waited for the race to start there's a free brewed coffee and pandesal.
The 10K runners was asked to get ready at around 5:30A.M..we waited for 30 mins before the gunstart. I was too excited for this run, it has been almost a month since my last run. And too nervous..because I knew that there would be alot of walking kasi di na ko sanay..which is ganun na nga nangyari. I finally finished the 10K run after 1 hr, 22 mins ++ , no improvement but not that bad.. sana tama lang tingin ko sa timer. I did not have a hard time finding Ivan and Cel...though the location is very busy. 10K runners has the biggest number at 7,600++ madami na ang nag 10K dati 5K ang madami..

It is so unusual to see free bananas. In this event, water stations also has banana freebies..and in the event location as well..Bumaha ng piling ng saging.. THough wala talagang ibang freebie ang Adidas as in yun lang.. Then, as we are making tambay.. we have our pics taken with coach Rio..who's been nice;) We got few kodakans in the locations, but this time we just used our new useful lalo sa ganitong kakonti namin..hehe After that, we headed to Mcdonald's ..we deserved the BIG meal tiring yet so fun..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adidas King of the Road 2009

My first run for KOTR. It was only I, my brother, Sam , Cel and Ivan who is running tomorrow. ANg onti namin. I'm getting ready today here at Lagro....its almost a month since I last run...tama ba? I better be ready since I'm running for 10K....hope I could still beat the last record I had during the Rota unsure..matagal ng walang practice..hehe

I'll be posting pictures...SOON

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new phone! woot!

Bought a new phone, much better than new baby, so happy!