Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alvin's Homecoming

Thank goodness..may facebook. I was able to know that our dear friend, Alvin, is coming home. Her lola died and biglaan ang pag-uwi. Looking on a brighter side, we'll be seeing eachother again after 7 long years. Time really has stored something for us...
We have a get together last July21. Others were not able to come for some reasons. So it was Debren, Ram, Nina, Erwin, Raggie, me and of course Alvin. We met @ Glorietta. I can't help laughing out loud (as in literal!) ,how I missed the old times when they are all in OKRAYAN in ansaya. We had dinner @ Bubba Gumb in Greenbelt. We have pictorials and of course, Alvin had share her stories..her adventures..her transformations..Too many to mention here. We are all adults now, in our late 20's wala ng kyemehan..we mostly talked about the 3 letter word (SEX)..hehe I can't help laughing about the stories. I felt so happy, coz I realized how I missed the old times..our mall tours..our egg hunting..hehe basta lahat lahat. . . our gayness.. Right after dinner, we went straight to Starbucks 7650..(tama ba) basta yun sa tabi ng Shang Makati. Alvin has continued her story... she may have changed but I could still feel the more happier Alvin....I'm happy for you girl and your newly found bff..I now what you are now is what you always wanted to be...sobrang happy nako dun..thanks for the treat and take care =) I'll surely miss u again...haay another 7 years ule aantayin namin

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Globe Run for Home

The long wait is over. Just this morning we ran for this big event of Globe. The weather is good and everyone is here unlike the week before. I was pretty excited... I just don't know why..hehe.

We arrived at the Global City just around 11 mins. before the 10K race starts. The place is so busy and parking is kinda difficult (I've been expecting I've said this is a BIG event). Many participants are warming running & stretching..basta of all ages andun. As we approach the location, I saw Rovilson Fernandez again. I think he's running for 5K also. This race uses the championship chip, kaya wala ng race bands ...high tech ngae. We simply attached it to our shoe lace. I ran for the 5k race, I think I better stick with this until I have a good improvement. There are around 6,000++ participants, kaya medyo crowded. But it is enjoying and organized. Today, I was able to run for about 39 mins, and 5 secs...mmmm kulang pa talaga. Walang improvement!

As I reached the finish line, I saw Karen Davila who also joins the event. And afterwards, I saw Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel, I realized andaming nagjoin na talaga... Next run will be the Urbanite run, sana we could all join..this is something different..event will be during the night...diba?

p.s. thanks to my hubby, Dennis..what a big help u are..and improving may video na..hehe iba talaga may official photographer =) thanks to you

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fit & Fun Run

A rainy morning. We thought it will not stopped. But thanks be to God, it suddenly stopped. I just had an assurance that I can finish the 10K. I'm so scared of running again while the rain is pouring. (just like duing the Earth Run) We are 2 pairs, since this is a buddy run. Ate Michele & Niki were partners, while its me and Jep who are the buddies for the 10K race today.

I was half hearted to run. I was not confident enough to run with this, but we had no choice the only open race is the 10K and "kailangan tumakbo". I think I had so much rest since last week (physically ha..) I need to burn calories, so I have to join this.

This morning my visions are working so well. As in, 12 feet away I saw Rovilson Fernandez, who is heading to the parking lot, while we are on our way to the event. He was so nice to say "Hi" as my cousin says his name..hehe! After a few seconds, again, my visions are working again. I spotted Drew Arellano. He's really cute and Iya Villania is lucky ha..hehe. We grab the chance to have some pictures with them. Thanks to manongs in the area who are kind enough to give us a shot. As we are on the assembly area, we saw more celebs like Paolo Abrera and his wife, Suzzie, Ms. Pia Cayetano , and again for the second time around, JC Tiuseco..wink..wink..We are also joined by my cousin's friends, Mai and Abe, who are also running for 10K (ang saya lahat kami napasubo sa 10K!!)

In this event the 5K runners are the first to race, then followed by the 10K runners. This has been a tiring race for me. Kakahiya sa buddy ko. We have so much rest time and chat during this run. Haaaay parang walang katapusan. Pero it was fun and a good experience.

My challenge Entries...

Round 2 Entry. Supplies used: Paper {AC-Kids, Bazzill}, Rub ons{October Afternoon} Letter chipboards{Basic Grey, Prima}, Boarder Sticker {Scenic Route}. Paint {Making Memories, Kaiser craft}, Heart chipboard {All about scrapbooking}

Round 1 Entry. Supplies used: Paper{Sassafras, Bazzill}, Letter stickers {Scenic Route} , Journaling Stamp {7 Gypsies}, Stickers {7gypsies} and since the entry is paper piecing I was able to use my stash..which I've been keeping for a long, long time..

Elimination round entry. Supplies used: Papers {Tinkering Ink, Prima}, Flowers {Prima}, Lace cardstock {KI Memories}, Letter chipboards "Pagudpud" {Basic grey}, Felt letters "overload" {Thickers}, rub ons {Magnolia}, Beach chipboard {all about scrapbooking}, letter stickers {7 gypsies}, white pen {Inksenssials}

I'm scrapping again.

I was so surprised that I bought some stuffs a month ago with my dear friend, Cel, na I almost forgot..I can't even remember that I bought in ganun. I joined the Scrappinmoms Idol 3. Just trying my luck and release my creative juices. I am happy to say that it has kept me busy and excited to go home after office. SO pahinga muna ang mall tour ko..hehe!

I just found that that I made it to the round 3. The new challenge has a twist and its getting difficult this time. I can feel it. I need some inspiration...haaay!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whatever it is..

I'm doing okay as far as I can see.

I'm putting some things into the right places in terms of my personal life and work issues. I'm keeping myself busy. Time just passed by so quickly (i believe). Never expected that I have to do this just to let time pass by. I'm taking all my chances. I joined Scrappinmoms Idol 3, and lucky that I was still in the round 2. I'm now busy working for the new challenge. Then, of course my other activity is the marathon. I'm really addicted to it.

Reality still bites.. I have to wait and see. Patience and understanding..that's what I need..


I was excited for this run, of course I love our green singlet!

We were early for this run, we arrived at around past 5 A.M. And most of the RUNSOME members are here. We run for the 5K race except for my brother, Sam, who run at 10K. The route is different, and I felt na mas malayo...(?) basta iba ang pagod ko dito, but I did really enjoy. I was able to run again after a week. Next run...will be my first 10K ba? can't imagine talaga running 2x of the 5K..sana kayanin..