Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fit & Fun Run

A rainy morning. We thought it will not stopped. But thanks be to God, it suddenly stopped. I just had an assurance that I can finish the 10K. I'm so scared of running again while the rain is pouring. (just like duing the Earth Run) We are 2 pairs, since this is a buddy run. Ate Michele & Niki were partners, while its me and Jep who are the buddies for the 10K race today.

I was half hearted to run. I was not confident enough to run with this, but we had no choice the only open race is the 10K and "kailangan tumakbo". I think I had so much rest since last week (physically ha..) I need to burn calories, so I have to join this.

This morning my visions are working so well. As in, 12 feet away I saw Rovilson Fernandez, who is heading to the parking lot, while we are on our way to the event. He was so nice to say "Hi" as my cousin says his name..hehe! After a few seconds, again, my visions are working again. I spotted Drew Arellano. He's really cute and Iya Villania is lucky ha..hehe. We grab the chance to have some pictures with them. Thanks to manongs in the area who are kind enough to give us a shot. As we are on the assembly area, we saw more celebs like Paolo Abrera and his wife, Suzzie, Ms. Pia Cayetano , and again for the second time around, JC Tiuseco..wink..wink..We are also joined by my cousin's friends, Mai and Abe, who are also running for 10K (ang saya lahat kami napasubo sa 10K!!)

In this event the 5K runners are the first to race, then followed by the 10K runners. This has been a tiring race for me. Kakahiya sa buddy ko. We have so much rest time and chat during this run. Haaaay parang walang katapusan. Pero it was fun and a good experience.


Jenny said...

congrats sands! you conquered the 10k category! idol na kita! hehe!

Sandra Yu said...

haha..medyo tiring lang up to now..nak ng pating ansakit ng katawan ko..hehe its 1 hr 33 mins and 50 sec...syet..antagal! pero sabi ng cousin ko not bad na daw..hehe

Chyng said...

wow, 10K in just 1hr 30 mins?! i wish i could join some of this fun runs in the future. BTW, where is this held? ;)

Sandra Yu said...

at the fort. there are weekly events for that marathons but regisration is a must...hope u could join..