Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alvin's Homecoming

Thank goodness..may facebook. I was able to know that our dear friend, Alvin, is coming home. Her lola died and biglaan ang pag-uwi. Looking on a brighter side, we'll be seeing eachother again after 7 long years. Time really has stored something for us...
We have a get together last July21. Others were not able to come for some reasons. So it was Debren, Ram, Nina, Erwin, Raggie, me and of course Alvin. We met @ Glorietta. I can't help laughing out loud (as in literal!) ,how I missed the old times when they are all in OKRAYAN in ansaya. We had dinner @ Bubba Gumb in Greenbelt. We have pictorials and of course, Alvin had share her stories..her adventures..her transformations..Too many to mention here. We are all adults now, in our late 20's wala ng kyemehan..we mostly talked about the 3 letter word (SEX)..hehe I can't help laughing about the stories. I felt so happy, coz I realized how I missed the old times..our mall tours..our egg hunting..hehe basta lahat lahat. . . our gayness.. Right after dinner, we went straight to Starbucks 7650..(tama ba) basta yun sa tabi ng Shang Makati. Alvin has continued her story... she may have changed but I could still feel the more happier Alvin....I'm happy for you girl and your newly found bff..I now what you are now is what you always wanted to be...sobrang happy nako dun..thanks for the treat and take care =) I'll surely miss u again...haay another 7 years ule aantayin namin

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