Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Honeymoon Part 2

How can I forget our favorite out-of-town destination? BAGUIO. We decided to go there last November 5. Well, I believe Benguet is under signal #1. Pero nothing can stop us..Its a chance na din kasi we are on leave and we have to enjoy it or else, we just waste our chance..our second honeymoon. As I've mentioned before, we have no defite plan of where we will celebrate our honeymoon. Its good to have the accomodation gifts. Tita Rona, Den's auntie, gave us a 2 nights free accomodation in Baguio Country Club. A really nice place though its far from the market and parks. Pero sulit kasi mura ang taxi and sowsyal! talaga. Most of the occupants are foreigners..and ibang pinoy na elite..hehe! gaya namin..just kidding.

On our first day, we went to our favorite tambayan..SM Baguio. Since hapon na kami nakadating dun na lang kami nakapunta. I was so amused of the mall, kasi naman walang aircon pero malamig pa din. And also one spot I like there are the terraces on each floors where you can see different locations..relaxing ang effect. On our second day, we planned of going to Burnham Park. We just stay there for some what we usually do. Medyo annoying ang weather, umuulan-ulan. Then after there we headed to Mine's View Park. Foggy kaya wala ganong view. . and again pictorial galore ule. We stroll around the changge and of course, I have my favorite na inihaw na mais..sobrang love ko yun. And again we go back to SM where we have our dinner and our favorite coffee..Starbucks

On Nov 7, our last day, we decided to buy pasalubongs. Tama ba ito at last minute ang pilian ..kaya medyo na late ang uwi namin. Super special ang Baguio samin. We get to reminisce our first and second stay there, pero memorable yun 3rd na punta namin coz we are officially and legally Mr.& Mrs Yu. Naks! We are looking forward to visit there, for it is such a nice place that we both love

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're on our FIRST monthsary!

Yesterday it was our first monthsary. I was surprised when Dennis gave me phone call.. He greets! and I just come to think of what is the date..oh! its November 27. Parang ang billis, parang ilang linggo palang ang nakakalipas, kaya I almost forgot. After office, I waited for him and we just have a simple dinner at KFC @ Robinson's Galleria. hehe! Just enjoying eachother's company.

I was so preoccupied with a newly found hobby..Well, as I browse my friend's multiply site. Maricel is a good friend of mine since highschool. I was so excited to text her, and even ask if she can teach me about scrapbooking. Yes, you heard it right! SCRAPBOOKING!!! I was so amazed of her works. Very pretty and unique. Dennis and I have lots of pictures in different events. I was wondering, that I can make some. And i knew I can do well. Something i can be proud of..

I'll be posting some if I started with it already. .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Honeymoon Part I

We are so busy in our wedding preps that we forgot where we'll have our honeymoon. I loved to have it our of the country talaga. But, with so much expenses, I thought na kahit next year na lang. Dennis suggested to have it out of town na lang..which is okay for me.

On our wedding day we received a free overnight accomodation in Makati Prime Towers. The place is good enough to stay. It has a sala, terrace, big windows in our room (perfect for sight seeing the entire makati!), with kitchen utensils. It is in fact a junior suite. We arrived at the location on October 29. In the afternoon, Dennis and I planned of strolling in Glorrieta. O diba, something different. We don't always stroll around Glorietta, and if ever we are there parang ang bilis ng oras kaya nagmamadali kaming umuwi. Kaya that day di kami nagmamadali coz we are staying within Makati. So happy coz that day i bought my 1st kasi..Before we go to the hotel..we bought 2 bottles of beer and other snacks..wala lang parang simple night out namin..pero kami lang talaga..hehe! We decided to stay for another day in our own expense. The room rate is P1,600.00. On Oct 30, we stay in the hotel the whole afternoon..we watched movies, we eat, we have picture taking, we sleep...and at 5 pm we went to Rockwell. This is the life talaga! We stroll around, pero stroll lang talaga. Then we hang out at Starbucks..pang 3 na starbucks na to..haha! sarap eh..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reception kwentos...

We arrived at Shangri-la Finest Chinese Cuisine at quarter to 6pm. Kasi we have our pictorial in the church and nearby park..para sulit noh. OUr make up artist, France is there for retouch and pati pag-ayos ng aking veil and gown...all in one talaga.

I was surprised when we get to see Ms MJ, yun masungit na nag-assist samin when we reserved the location. She has informed us the guest arrived earlier (kasi 6pm talaga ang bukas nila..kaya may 10% charge kami ) and even congratulate us. Naaliw naman ako kasi bumawi cya..akala ko talaga di cya ngumingiti...peace na kami..hehe!

As we arrived other entourage are being introduced. My brother, Sherwin and his school friend, Cai were the host of the program. Grabe ang tandem, nagmistulang Metro comedy bar. And infairness, super di boring dahil madaming bagets..hehe! When we are introduced..aba walang music..kaya mega adlib ang dalawang emcee.. in the tune of "tan-tan-tanan!" and the audience followed with matching clap pa pa. Katuwa again.

We chose some of the sponsors to have a personal speech for us. Mr. Chuck Mathay was one of them. Kaaliw ang speech nya. He is a good friend of my father pala.Then yung uncle ni dennis na si Tito Ronnie. Aba, magaling din mag speech and Dennis' mom informed me na kinakabahan pa daw yun.. Then my Auntie Dolor delivered her heartwarming speech.. aba bongga din at kala mo mataray pag nag-speech.

I was touched by my mother-in-law's speech. Panu kala ko speechless gaya ng sabi nya. I cried din. Kasi a week before the wedding, bonding kami ha! I stayed at their house for other things to do such as the misalettes and to look for the replacement on our wedding sovenir (pano nasira ang mga wind chimes namin!). Kaya naman i felt like a daughter na din. Lalo na when she said, " I'm happy that I did not lost a son, but also I gained a daughter". She even thank us for responding to the call of marriage..since marriage is a calling of God.. touchy! After her my father gave his speech. Katuwa kasi he also welcomed Dennis, and he even gave us advices.. Iba talaga pag sa magulang galing ang speech..overwelming ang feeling.

Cai, the emcee is a good singer.. I appreciate her voice and talent..napakagaling na bata. She sang 3 songs of Regine Velasquez, while guests are having dinner. aba kayang kaya naman! When dinner was done we proceed to the cake cutting, dove release and wine toasting.. syempre lagin may kiss after every tradition..kaya naubos ang lipstick ko. When we are about to start the picking of bachelor...nawawala ang baloons na ka kailangan, that's why I ask Dennis to give his thank you's and speech.. na sobrang bumenta. While ako.. nagmistulang Sisa..tumatawa tapos umiiyak.

For a bride, to hear his groom announcing proudly how much he loved her.. haay! Di ko makalimutan ang mga pamatay na punchline:

"Mahal ko si Sandra at Mahal nya ako kaya po andito tayo ngayon".. " Sandra mahal na mahal kita.. Ikaw lang ang babae ko".."Masuwerte po ako kay Sandra pero mas masuwerte po cya sa akin".."Eto po ang tandaan nyo, di lahat ng gwapo ay chickboy". then the audience burst to laughter... tapos ako..iyakers at tumatwa after.. mix emotions. Then after his breath taking speech, I delivered my hearty speech for all and of course my message to my one and only..Dennis.

When balloons was found we started it right after our speech. We have a new game instead of tossing the garter...we gave 5 chosen gentleman to blow a balloon within 10 seconds. The winner of the game is the one with smallest balloon.. It was our friend Angelo Coballes who won as the lucky bachelor. So next, is the game for single ladies...we have 5 ladies who played the trip to New Zealand. Instead of tossing a boquet, we have the lucky bachelor blindfolded and he seated in a chair. Its like the trip to Jerusalem, pero this time the lady who got to sit on his lap is out of the game. The winner is Ms Angela So..who is the special friend of the lucky bachelor. Naaliw ule ako..pano sa barkada namin sila pa yun super layo ng wedding ( Juerl and Ann will be getting married next year!) tapos sila pa ang nanalo. Galing!

Again, no regrets of chosing Shangri-la as our reception. Our parents has approved that the food is great. Dennis and I, admire their service and the head waiter ask for approval for additional orders and also dun sa pagbalot ng food..bait! clap! clap! clap..

Church kwentos...

Well, on our wedding day most of the participants in our entourage are already in the church before the call time 3PM. My husband, Dennis, is very nervous and pressured...kasi naman wala pa kami (ME, my mom, maid of honors, photographers..) haay! While ako medyo ngarag na din. I understand that our photographer wants to make sure that there are enough shots before I leave the hotel..Onga naman, di na maibabalik yun. I think at around 3:02 we left the hotel. I have my cellphone in my pocket. Tricky noh, my gown has a pocket. Thanks to our couturier's idea..nagamit ko talaga. My pouch was with one of my maids of honor, Lea, all throughout our wedding day. Talagang good thing din na nasakin yun cell ko coz Dennis has called me up and I have informed him that we are already on our way to the church, which is isang tambling lang..hehe!

Not so sure, I think that the processional march started at around 3:15 pm.. (late since I was advised by church secretary na 3PM..SHARP!. My Apologies talaga) While I'm inside the bridal car, I was so surprised to see some of our relatives and friends. Ibang feeling. While my maid of honor, Ate Michelle, is starting to be "ngarag", since she still has to distribute the boquets to the ladies in our entourage. I'm so so nervous as they walk the aisle. And when they finally closed the doors.. naku sobrang kaba kasi its my turn na.. all alone..I felt tense and shaky..lahat lahat. As I walked slowly in the aisle, I noticed na iba ang ang aking bridal march..pero ok na din..The soloist sang "The Gift"..instead of " Ikaw Lamang". I can feel that all eyes are staring at me..grabe! I keep telling myself "kinakabahan ako".."grabe". When my parents fetched me along the the aisle..medyo teary eyed na ang beauty ko..pero I never really cried..pero I'm so touched!

Our officiating priest is Fr. Efren Reyes, MJ, who is the parish priest of Sto NiƱo, bale kina Dennis, and Fr. Efren is also a good friend of my mother-in-law. Galing nga, before our wedding we get to meet Fr. Efren in their parish office. Our cake supplier, Ms Magel Gubat, has once asked us if our priest is the one that their family knows..and it was confirmed that he knows the Gubat family in Lagro. Fr. Efren started atAscencion Parish in Lagro. Kaya during his homily, he even mentioned na nakakatuwa daw coz Dennis and I belongs to a parish close to his heart. Very personalized ang homily..maganda talaga.

I get to know some of "katarantahan" after the wedding. Actually yun cord nga namin is natastas daw...di cya twisted na!..then Ate Michelle even looked for pins for our veil..God is good pa din kasi minor lang problems..

The most awaited part.. our kiss! Naku si dennis tuwang tuwa..lalo when his requested recessional song was sang.."Gaano ko ikaw kamahal".. very lovely ang kanta kahit luma na. As noted by Jason, our photographer, this is the longest kissing scene sa church he has witnessed daw..True, na kahit ako na bride natagalan..hehe Pero nakakaaliw na masaya ang lahat na nanunuod..

I felt so happy coz we have enough time for our pictorial. At walang umawat kaya naman sulit talaga. I have no regrets choosing Twin Hearts.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

dennis and sandra forever!

I'm very thankful..God has given me a lot of good things on my 27th birthday and on our wedding day!

I still can't believe it. Tapos na! Ang bilis lang talaga. We have a year for the preps then in just a day..ayun tapos na! Done! Finished!

On Oct 26, I stayed at the hotel. We chose Great Eastern Hotel..malapit and maganda na din ang ambiance..and affordable din compared with other hotels. It was our friend, Ate Lanie who helped us out in the reservations. And since she owns a traveling agency we got a discount pa! We got 2 rooms (1505 & 1507). I stayed at 1507 while dennis stayed at 1505. My tita also stayed in the same hotel since my cousin, Sheryl, arrived from Japan that day. Grabe super special ko no..kasi umuwi cya for my wedding day..and she's one of my bridesmaids

Oct 27..the big day and the B-day! May kasabihan na di daw pwedi magkita ang groom at bride..pero kami ni Dennis umaga palang magkasama na.. Well, in our case we have to meet up since we work hand-in-hand for the preps! Kaya kahit on the day ngarag na kami..hehe! pero enjoy din!. We have our breakfast at McDonald's then we headed to Mercury drug, just in front of McDo (this is along Q.Ave). We bought some stuffs needed like mineral water..needed lang for our suppliers..

haay! fresh pa din sa mind ko ang lahat..funny pero true☺