Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're on our FIRST monthsary!

Yesterday it was our first monthsary. I was surprised when Dennis gave me phone call.. He greets! and I just come to think of what is the date..oh! its November 27. Parang ang billis, parang ilang linggo palang ang nakakalipas, kaya I almost forgot. After office, I waited for him and we just have a simple dinner at KFC @ Robinson's Galleria. hehe! Just enjoying eachother's company.

I was so preoccupied with a newly found hobby..Well, as I browse my friend's multiply site. Maricel is a good friend of mine since highschool. I was so excited to text her, and even ask if she can teach me about scrapbooking. Yes, you heard it right! SCRAPBOOKING!!! I was so amazed of her works. Very pretty and unique. Dennis and I have lots of pictures in different events. I was wondering, that I can make some. And i knew I can do well. Something i can be proud of..

I'll be posting some if I started with it already. .

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