Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Honeymoon Part 2

How can I forget our favorite out-of-town destination? BAGUIO. We decided to go there last November 5. Well, I believe Benguet is under signal #1. Pero nothing can stop us..Its a chance na din kasi we are on leave and we have to enjoy it or else, we just waste our chance..our second honeymoon. As I've mentioned before, we have no defite plan of where we will celebrate our honeymoon. Its good to have the accomodation gifts. Tita Rona, Den's auntie, gave us a 2 nights free accomodation in Baguio Country Club. A really nice place though its far from the market and parks. Pero sulit kasi mura ang taxi and sowsyal! talaga. Most of the occupants are foreigners..and ibang pinoy na elite..hehe! gaya namin..just kidding.

On our first day, we went to our favorite tambayan..SM Baguio. Since hapon na kami nakadating dun na lang kami nakapunta. I was so amused of the mall, kasi naman walang aircon pero malamig pa din. And also one spot I like there are the terraces on each floors where you can see different locations..relaxing ang effect. On our second day, we planned of going to Burnham Park. We just stay there for some what we usually do. Medyo annoying ang weather, umuulan-ulan. Then after there we headed to Mine's View Park. Foggy kaya wala ganong view. . and again pictorial galore ule. We stroll around the changge and of course, I have my favorite na inihaw na mais..sobrang love ko yun. And again we go back to SM where we have our dinner and our favorite coffee..Starbucks

On Nov 7, our last day, we decided to buy pasalubongs. Tama ba ito at last minute ang pilian ..kaya medyo na late ang uwi namin. Super special ang Baguio samin. We get to reminisce our first and second stay there, pero memorable yun 3rd na punta namin coz we are officially and legally Mr.& Mrs Yu. Naks! We are looking forward to visit there, for it is such a nice place that we both love


Mec said...

welcome to the blogging world... and good luck with your husband's realization of his dreams :)

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