Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reception kwentos...

We arrived at Shangri-la Finest Chinese Cuisine at quarter to 6pm. Kasi we have our pictorial in the church and nearby park..para sulit noh. OUr make up artist, France is there for retouch and pati pag-ayos ng aking veil and gown...all in one talaga.

I was surprised when we get to see Ms MJ, yun masungit na nag-assist samin when we reserved the location. She has informed us the guest arrived earlier (kasi 6pm talaga ang bukas nila..kaya may 10% charge kami ) and even congratulate us. Naaliw naman ako kasi bumawi cya..akala ko talaga di cya ngumingiti...peace na kami..hehe!

As we arrived other entourage are being introduced. My brother, Sherwin and his school friend, Cai were the host of the program. Grabe ang tandem, nagmistulang Metro comedy bar. And infairness, super di boring dahil madaming bagets..hehe! When we are introduced..aba walang music..kaya mega adlib ang dalawang emcee.. in the tune of "tan-tan-tanan!" and the audience followed with matching clap pa pa. Katuwa again.

We chose some of the sponsors to have a personal speech for us. Mr. Chuck Mathay was one of them. Kaaliw ang speech nya. He is a good friend of my father pala.Then yung uncle ni dennis na si Tito Ronnie. Aba, magaling din mag speech and Dennis' mom informed me na kinakabahan pa daw yun.. Then my Auntie Dolor delivered her heartwarming speech.. aba bongga din at kala mo mataray pag nag-speech.

I was touched by my mother-in-law's speech. Panu kala ko speechless gaya ng sabi nya. I cried din. Kasi a week before the wedding, bonding kami ha! I stayed at their house for other things to do such as the misalettes and to look for the replacement on our wedding sovenir (pano nasira ang mga wind chimes namin!). Kaya naman i felt like a daughter na din. Lalo na when she said, " I'm happy that I did not lost a son, but also I gained a daughter". She even thank us for responding to the call of marriage..since marriage is a calling of God.. touchy! After her my father gave his speech. Katuwa kasi he also welcomed Dennis, and he even gave us advices.. Iba talaga pag sa magulang galing ang speech..overwelming ang feeling.

Cai, the emcee is a good singer.. I appreciate her voice and talent..napakagaling na bata. She sang 3 songs of Regine Velasquez, while guests are having dinner. aba kayang kaya naman! When dinner was done we proceed to the cake cutting, dove release and wine toasting.. syempre lagin may kiss after every tradition..kaya naubos ang lipstick ko. When we are about to start the picking of bachelor...nawawala ang baloons na ka kailangan, that's why I ask Dennis to give his thank you's and speech.. na sobrang bumenta. While ako.. nagmistulang Sisa..tumatawa tapos umiiyak.

For a bride, to hear his groom announcing proudly how much he loved her.. haay! Di ko makalimutan ang mga pamatay na punchline:

"Mahal ko si Sandra at Mahal nya ako kaya po andito tayo ngayon".. " Sandra mahal na mahal kita.. Ikaw lang ang babae ko".."Masuwerte po ako kay Sandra pero mas masuwerte po cya sa akin".."Eto po ang tandaan nyo, di lahat ng gwapo ay chickboy". then the audience burst to laughter... tapos ako..iyakers at tumatwa after.. mix emotions. Then after his breath taking speech, I delivered my hearty speech for all and of course my message to my one and only..Dennis.

When balloons was found we started it right after our speech. We have a new game instead of tossing the garter...we gave 5 chosen gentleman to blow a balloon within 10 seconds. The winner of the game is the one with smallest balloon.. It was our friend Angelo Coballes who won as the lucky bachelor. So next, is the game for single ladies...we have 5 ladies who played the trip to New Zealand. Instead of tossing a boquet, we have the lucky bachelor blindfolded and he seated in a chair. Its like the trip to Jerusalem, pero this time the lady who got to sit on his lap is out of the game. The winner is Ms Angela So..who is the special friend of the lucky bachelor. Naaliw ule ako..pano sa barkada namin sila pa yun super layo ng wedding ( Juerl and Ann will be getting married next year!) tapos sila pa ang nanalo. Galing!

Again, no regrets of chosing Shangri-la as our reception. Our parents has approved that the food is great. Dennis and I, admire their service and the head waiter ask for approval for additional orders and also dun sa pagbalot ng food..bait! clap! clap! clap..

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