Thursday, November 22, 2007

Our Honeymoon Part I

We are so busy in our wedding preps that we forgot where we'll have our honeymoon. I loved to have it our of the country talaga. But, with so much expenses, I thought na kahit next year na lang. Dennis suggested to have it out of town na lang..which is okay for me.

On our wedding day we received a free overnight accomodation in Makati Prime Towers. The place is good enough to stay. It has a sala, terrace, big windows in our room (perfect for sight seeing the entire makati!), with kitchen utensils. It is in fact a junior suite. We arrived at the location on October 29. In the afternoon, Dennis and I planned of strolling in Glorrieta. O diba, something different. We don't always stroll around Glorietta, and if ever we are there parang ang bilis ng oras kaya nagmamadali kaming umuwi. Kaya that day di kami nagmamadali coz we are staying within Makati. So happy coz that day i bought my 1st kasi..Before we go to the hotel..we bought 2 bottles of beer and other snacks..wala lang parang simple night out namin..pero kami lang talaga..hehe! We decided to stay for another day in our own expense. The room rate is P1,600.00. On Oct 30, we stay in the hotel the whole afternoon..we watched movies, we eat, we have picture taking, we sleep...and at 5 pm we went to Rockwell. This is the life talaga! We stroll around, pero stroll lang talaga. Then we hang out at Starbucks..pang 3 na starbucks na to..haha! sarap eh..


scrapgurl said...

wow this is the life na talaga! hehe congrats ulit sa inyo sandra and dennis!

so ano may "jared" na ba kyo?

sandy1027 said...

hi cel..wala pa hopefully by next year. dennis likes to have "jared" sa 2009..ako right away..hehe!