Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday thoughts..

I do miss blogging.

I think this has been a part of me, and what I posted here are just the things I'm proud of.
There are some things in life that I just not expected, perhaps i'm evolving and I'm trusted that I can survive these challenges.

Fair enough, I'm surrounded by great friends and my family of course. Just as this moment, I'm so consumed by toxic thoughts and tiring confusion. But this is just a phase..I guess. I'm 30, yet I still have some difficulty in decisions. Its just a cliche that its easier said than done.... (my close friends knew why..ask them...hehe)

I just want to keep on blogging life, scrapping life, taking pictures of life, and to always try my best to live to the fullest. I got a plan to travel, excel in my career, learn to drive, own a car, cook more new recipe in Yummy magazine, run some more, play badminton, be independent and own a house or a condo, own a cafe business and I really wanted a baby (pressured!). But to start these, I must work hard and try to start a new one (still don't know how)

I'm thankful enough for what I got and I guess i got to keep on rocking with life.. xoxo

fab @ 30 with my bestest friends :)

October 29, 2010

how funny, that I keep on mentioning my age. Its just that, I still can't believe it and maybe this will be a great way to overcome this feeling. So excuse me and my apologies for being "makulit"

Me, Jenny, Cel and Andeng have decided to meet @ Eastwood City to celebrate my day. Amidst of different schedules, sa wakas natuloy din. I was fetched by Jenny in our house in Lagro at around 6pm. Yup, 6 pm and we are late..hehe! 6 pm is our meet up time. While Cel and Andeng are already at Eastwood that time. Thank goodness no traffic on our way there.

At past 7pm, we finally meet with the girls. I chose to dine in the Eastwood mall. We are having a hard time as the restos are not so familiar to us. Which is a good thing as we want to try something we never tried before. We decided to have dinner at Blu Fish. Its some kind of pricey but the food is okay . We have mediterranean salad, paella royale, shrimp and sund dried tomato pasta and i forgot the other one. We have nice chats and pictorials while we dine.

Next stop, alcohol ....but we have no plans of getting drunk and partying hard. We are supposed to be in Manor. But 1 vs 3...Andeng loses! So we stopped by Bed for a bottle each. I guess, we are old enough for the loud music and allergic, as the place are filled with younger people..i mean they look like they are in their highschool ....So to sum it all up, we just decided to have coffee after..

its almost 1 am..but pictorial has not to stop. I just got the idea of have few pictures taken at Eastwood mall. Oh, its just like we are the girls from Sex and the it!

thank u girls :) i really enjoyed the night! xoxo


Align Center

Last October27, was my 30th birthday. But instead of using my birthday leave, I did go to work. Or should I say Halloween party in the office. Yes, this is the very first time I didn't take the leave just to experience the halloween in the office. The day is quite busy, as we are all busy finishing the whole decorations and putting it all up. And we are excused from work, although I had to finish an important booking. I'm so pressured but it went well and it was solved!. woot!

Our Balete Drive theme is designed to be dark and spooky. We painted newspapers , with the figure of houses and make a Balete tree. My officemate, Moselle, is the one and only white lady. And she did a great job! She did scared little kids..haha! My hubby's D90 did the great job of taking pictures plus the reliable flash..which is really needed since its all dark..

Sharing the pictures of my not so usual habit..hehe which are pictures at office on my birthday. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Lunarlite Story..

Just bought my new shoes.

Its Lunarlite running shoes. It has been a week since I fell in love with it, when we are Subic Nike Outlet Store. Pretty comfy and love the color :) I think it would be useful for my running and a nice thing to use with my newly found sport..Badminton. Although I should still buy a "GUM SOLE" shoes...maybe some other time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

RB802...for real

Drooling's over..and YOU know why..I'm actually wearing my very own :)

This is something, I wanted...I'm never into sunglasses, but there's something with this new collection of Ray Ban.

Wasabi Mayo Pasta

Few weeks ago, I was able to taste a recipe of my friend, Lea, when I visited her in her condo. And I planned of trying it. Last Friday, I was able to visit the grocery and bought the ingredients needed. Its Sunday, and a good snack as I visit home. I made it with my brother's help. Its easy and yummy! Its a must try. Sharing the ingredients:

  • Mayonaisse ( i used 2 tetra packs)
  • Mustard ( 1 1/2 tbsp)
  • Honey (1 1/2 tbsp)
  • lemon juice ( but i used 2 calamansi ..pwede na)
  • wasabi paste ( bahala na kayo...paste is not so spicy, yun powder ang matapang)
  • noodles (better yun spiral..para sakin..)
mix mayonaisse, mustard, and honey. Once its mixed, add wasabi paste and the lemon juice...
then once the mixture is done, mix the noodles. add spam, corn kernels and cheese.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What a coincidence...I found love with these new sunglasses of Ray Ban. Its Carbon Fibre Collection. . And this is the model I wanted. Perfect fit and super light. Pretty expensive, but hey its Ray Ban.! and I just felt like buying it..maybe this will be my birthday gift for myself..its my 30th year, and never been in love with shades like this...hehe! (excuses..hehe again) Let's see :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Retail Theraphy...

The new collection. I've been eyeing 2 collections there..hmmm. If the budget can fit, why not splurge again. It really makes me happy.

My new card. I have it renewed. I thought I have to collect receipts again, but no na pala..For renewal always. I love plains and prints!! This card can tell :)

I have been addicted with dresses lately. And just realized that I've been spending too much of my limits...oh no! Retail theraphy is just my diversion for depressions...if you know what I mean. Yes, I'm a clothes whore and I don't care :) Just enjoying what I can wear at this age. And I just can't let it passed by. Right? But as of now, I'm back in my senses as I'm reading my credit card statement. Over!

something for Samira

A simple frame for this little darling. Hoping to see her soon ;) Next project is a mini album for her. Wish I could find some time.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back again at Zambales

I thought this was not going to push through. But I did find a way.

Its a long weekend and I know we all need a quick getaway. Zambales is the right place we all thought. Together with my college friends, Aideen (who's with her hubby, Eric), Lea, and Erwin. And of course I'm with my dear Dennis and our D90 ( na di pwedeng maiwan!)

Thanks to the fine and sunny weather...i so loved it..Thank God!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The birthday girl..enjoying the water!
June 5, 2010

Saturday..and its Caitlyn's 2nd year birthday! Thought it would rain the whole day. Its a cloudy and rainy morning when I woke up. And as a result, I'm too lazy to move and got stuck with my laptop. Dennis, left earlier to go to Oasis to submit some pictures and for their meeting.

We went to 9 waves Ciudad Cristia at Ampid. Together with my in-laws and niece, Caitlyn and my SIL, Cheyenne. No plans of swimming, but I did brought a pair of swimwear and boardshorts for Dennis. I was eating the whole day while all of them swim. I finally, give in when Dennis arrived in the afternoon, haha! Can't resist the water :) I enjoyed the waves....

SEX and The CITY part 2

June 4, 2010

Whoa! My dear friend, Lea and I just had the same thing in our minds..we wanted to watch a movie..the same movie. Just so happened that I'm too busy to text her..but she did, and I quickly replied my sweet and excited YES!

Amidst all the NOT-SO-NICE review of foreign critics...The movie is entertaining and its purely about the GIRLS I loved for years. Before the movie started, I just told Lea, that I watched the movie 2 years ago..Alone, while waiting for my interview with Unionbank..its June 5, 2008 to be exact when I watched the first movie of SATC. How time flies! whew! Same movie and same cinema :)

The movie has started right..what about the Empire State of Mind song? it! Then a series of funny dialogues hit me so much. It never changed. Same "green" and catchy lines never fails to make me laugh. The old and not so good looks of the girls, the gay wedding, the sparkle, the bra-less nanny, the awful boss and the never ending SEX stories...Lea and I agreed, its so so funny and we can't get over it :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nature Valley Run 2010

We arrived at the venue at around 5am. I thought I was late. When we arrived, it was the time when 21K runners started. Yes, they were late and it has given me an ample time to fix its good :) I was accompanied by my hubby today since my brothers were not able to run. I just missed the days when we are so many and we get to run 4x in a month. This year fun runs has been a fad...the registration fees were so expensive. I, myself get to join in these fun runs at least once a month (so pricey kasi) and I run on my own at Marikina Sports Center (thanks to my hubby's support).

Going back. I haven't run for about 2 weeks and that affects my running today. Waaah! I walked a lot today. I did not get enough rest and I'm a bit thinking about lots of stuffs about life ...or in Layman's term : wala sa kundisyon. But this run is organized and its enjoying. The 10K route, is not the usual. And I'm thankful for the drinking stations...sobrang madami, enough to hydrate runners, since its so so hot today! Here some of thoughts I have....

Lessons learned today
  • hydrate! Today is like I'm going to die with the heat. But what I realized, maybe I suffered headache due to dehydration while running. And headache is less today, sa daming water na nainom ko...
  • once you start to walk...puro walk na! I admit I walked more today.
  • Sleep early.
  • Never put a love song in your running list.. hehe! kakadepress tumakbo!
  • Set aside your thoughts..hehe! kaka inis lang ;)
I was happy that I'm not ES-OW-ELLE-OH! Thanks to Cel and Ivan whom we have breakfast and chit chats after the race :) Til next running event!

P.S. : I've been thinking of a new sport! And I just told Cel about it :) wink! so excited!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2 night run

A good start ..its the 2nd day of May. I'm so lazy all day and eto na ang payback :) NIGHT RUN at Marikina Sports Complex...

Techno Hub Night

@ T.O.S.H

time for coffee! Coffee Bean

night at Techno Hub

warm up muna :)

ok start na! i love these balls...keeps changing colors! every shot

ahem! our turn

dramatic...this is Doc Ochie

A get together with my hubby's dear highschool friends.
This time its Ochie's treat..Thanks Doc! My first time to meet her and first time to be at Techno Hub Ayala Land, near Philcoa. We have a hearty dinner at The Old Spaghetti House and coffee at Coffee Bean.

What's a get together without the pictorial??? Buti natigil ang ulan at tuloy ang kaadikan :)