Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nature Valley Run 2010

We arrived at the venue at around 5am. I thought I was late. When we arrived, it was the time when 21K runners started. Yes, they were late and it has given me an ample time to fix its good :) I was accompanied by my hubby today since my brothers were not able to run. I just missed the days when we are so many and we get to run 4x in a month. This year fun runs has been a fad...the registration fees were so expensive. I, myself get to join in these fun runs at least once a month (so pricey kasi) and I run on my own at Marikina Sports Center (thanks to my hubby's support).

Going back. I haven't run for about 2 weeks and that affects my running today. Waaah! I walked a lot today. I did not get enough rest and I'm a bit thinking about lots of stuffs about life ...or in Layman's term : wala sa kundisyon. But this run is organized and its enjoying. The 10K route, is not the usual. And I'm thankful for the drinking stations...sobrang madami, enough to hydrate runners, since its so so hot today! Here some of thoughts I have....

Lessons learned today
  • hydrate! Today is like I'm going to die with the heat. But what I realized, maybe I suffered headache due to dehydration while running. And headache is less today, sa daming water na nainom ko...
  • once you start to walk...puro walk na! I admit I walked more today.
  • Sleep early.
  • Never put a love song in your running list.. hehe! kakadepress tumakbo!
  • Set aside your thoughts..hehe! kaka inis lang ;)
I was happy that I'm not ES-OW-ELLE-OH! Thanks to Cel and Ivan whom we have breakfast and chit chats after the race :) Til next running event!

P.S. : I've been thinking of a new sport! And I just told Cel about it :) wink! so excited!!!

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