Thursday, December 25, 2008

UBP Xmas 2008

I have a happy christmas at I'm making another mini-album ...I made this last weekend..can't wait to finish this one...

Christmas 2008

Ass...hehe! Our dogs..Russia (basset & labrador combination breed) and Magic (Dachshund)..cute no?

My pamangkins na twins (Jhared & Mhiggy) with their Lolo Jun

Ate Michelle's gifts to us, cute din noh? with PICTURES of our faces the idea

Matira ang matibay sa office...eto kami nun December 24...around 4pm na ata..hehe!


Despite the recession happening worldwide...I should say that I still have a smile on my face...I'm proud to say that I'm still enjoying the Christmas. God is good, so let share each moment with our loved ones...Cheers!!!

Sweet Baby

A framed pics as requested by my dear sister-in-law, Shy...Well, its a rush. No problem with that coz she'll be giving this one to her in-laws..I was pretty tired last Tuesday and even hot-headed, I'm feeling a bit bad coz can't come up with any idea for the frame or in Layman's term..PRESSURED! hehe! But I was too focused that I should finish it and here it is....I was too hopeful that she'll love it anyway..hehe!

Supplies used: Paper {Prima, Sassafras}, Flowers {Prima}, Buttons {American crafts}, Baby chip board {Simple Joys}

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unionbank Christmas Parties...

T'was my first Christmas at Unionbank, my new home...
Last Dec 16, 2008, we have our Xmas Party where all the Commercial Banking Units are joined together in one party. Party was celebrated at Unionbank in Amorsolo at the 3rd Floor, Training room.. Its a good one coz I was able to know some of them. We are the hosting unit, and as a newbie...we are assigned to host the games. But it was really fun. We also have Choral Presentation Contest...ngayon iba na ang meaning non, our group do more the dancing! hehe! This is the party where I first sang ...hehe! sa magic sing...never in my life pa talaga...pero buti nakisama ng onti ang vocal chords ko..haha!
Then yesterday, December 19, 2008, we have a mini gift giving at the office...not really a party. Again, first time na super higpit ng rules sa gift giving. Pero bilib ako sa pagtago ng secret namin sa code names..hehe! We used the presidentiables as the theme of our codenames... I got my happy that my mommy gave me a Calgon it! thanks to ms beth. Then after opening the something something gifts (aside from the wish gifts) we all go out for a dinner which supposed to be in a KTV. But unfortunately all KTV's in the town are fully booked..We went to YakiMix in all you can Japanese Food...yummy! And thanks to Ms. Tina, our center head, for the treat...


A layout at last!

I made this last week. Hay naku....I'm so so happy! Because it has been a while. I missed this girls! But I'm sure magkikita-kita kami next week (12.28.08), kakasal kasi si Ann... yun naka white na pinaka dulo sa right..tama sya yun!
Supplies used: Bazzill {courtesy of Cel}, letter chip boards {thickers}, flowers {american crafts}, border rub-ons {daisy d's}, journaling {maya road}, printed tape w/ design used as border {7gypsies}, letter stickers - I love {making memories}, heart {scenic route}

mini album galore

"Sweet Life" , for my SIL's hubby...I used SEMCO Paints (blue and brown on the first layer). I also used the Crackle medium of Semco."Life" letter chipboard {Junkitz}, Ice cream chipboard {All about Scrapbooking} and "Sweet" rub on {October Afternoon}
s "Merry Memories", Chipboard album {Teresa Collins}, Paper {Scenic Route}, Chipboard -Merry Memories {Scenic Route}, Miscellaneous {buttons, ribbons}

I just simply love mini albums..they are cute, pretty and madaling gawin..hehe!
I made the "Merry Memories" album last November...Done with the pages, all I needed now are the pictures of my merry memories from December 1st til the 25th...
has told me about this and from then on I was so inspired that I wanted it..kaya eto bago pa mag December tapos na. I'll be posting the entire album one I'm done...
My sister-in-law, Cheyenne, has asked me to make an album for her hubby...natutuwa ako kasi na appreciate nya yun talent ko..hehe and yun scrapbooking. She just think na wala daw cyang talent sa art kaya ako na gumawa...I just posted the cover, baka ma-view ng hubby nya...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Madscrapper's christmas party '08

Exchanging of scrap stuffs...

exchange pa din....

sige pa exchange pa....

Dress up the doll group contest entries...

our group entry. slit kung slit!

Ms. Lee in a chef costume, Janice as the cowgirl, and Ms. Candy in her
ethnic costume

Ladies posing up...

Cel has really internalized her costume as an NPA..while Me as Me..charming..hehe!

12.06.08 ..This is my first time to attend the Christmas party. Cel and I are present of course..this is something we can't afford to miss..hehe! I was able to know this event about few days ago (thanks to Ms. Nita & Cel) , since I was not able to surf the net regularly. I am so excited about it, however I was not able to participate with the theme..Di ako nakapag costume! Actually it was the night before lang na nalaman ko na may time talaga!..hehe!

The venue is at Makati @ Bel-Air Clubhouse. Cel and I have got no difficulty reaching the place at around past 10 A.M. I first saw Ms. Jeannie and Ms. Christine in their fabulous costumes. Then we signed at the registration (with Empress Cabbie and Hippie-Chic April) And to start the day, shopping is the first in our list. After shopping, the party starts, with a game. We won the first group game , (the act, draw and sculpt) Can't believe that I've guessed 2 items correctly. Then after it, we have our lunch. Yummy food is all there and I enjoyed it. We joined Ms Lee, Ms. Christine, and Ms. Imee. Then after eating, there's the judging of the best in costumes, so funny watching them posing their dress. Ms Jeannie David won the prize...Venus talaga ang dating. Then we have raffles and another group game. The game is the dress up the doll where we are 7 in a group. Too bad, I was not also able to join the exchange of scraps (no time talaga to fix it the night before) buti na lang si Cel, din kungdi ako lang ang di naka-join. Grabe, the ladies have difficulty in the exchanging of stuffs it took them 30 minutes...super kakatawa and ang kukulet! Lastly, we have the easter egg hunt. Not the egg thing talaga, egg like lang using scrap paper which was stick everywhere in the venue. I got I got 3 goodies..hehe! From the start , I notice already these things...sabi ko na eh...hehe! It has been a good day seeing them in this first christmas party. Its such a memorable experience...Merry christmas na talaga ...!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st of December...

At Mann-Hann..tama ba? Yummy...

Strolling outside MOA..Dennis and I love it here!

thought that Edward Cullen is here...hehe!

Posing up...Parang nag gym noh..

We came back to MOA for this..hehe! I love to try these...hehe! Kaya super singit kami sa mga kids na naglalaro..Take note madaming bata kasi may field trip nun..

Mr. and Mrs. Yu adventure at MOA

Dennis and I finally have our date. We rarely have a whole day date since we have conflicting schedules at work. We have his off during weekdays while I have the "normal" off (every weekend). Its DECEMBER 01 ...a holiday for me while its my hubby's day right!
So we arrived at the place at around 12 noon..Good weather+good mood+good food...its really a nice day and this is the time I felt that Christmas is in the air...the decorations, the music around, and of course with the happy people around. We started at the playgrounds (of course right after we have our lunch)..hehe! Fun to try the "gym"-like apparatus there. Then after we just stroll around and take a lot of pictures. We get to walk around alot. And my crocs is so helpful that I did not complain at all. We passed by booksale where I got to buy some scrapbooking magazines, its actually 3 magazines, so lucky that I was able to find it. During dinner, I was so hungry..we dine at Man Hann...yummy "lechon" macau! I'm craving for it. And after it, I spotted " Simple Joys" nearby. And there it goes...I saw some items on sale, di ko na napigilan. But before we leave...mawawala ba ang coffee..hehe! We stop by Starbucks near the! Our mission: Accomplished! Its a nice start for December..