Saturday, October 30, 2010


Align Center

Last October27, was my 30th birthday. But instead of using my birthday leave, I did go to work. Or should I say Halloween party in the office. Yes, this is the very first time I didn't take the leave just to experience the halloween in the office. The day is quite busy, as we are all busy finishing the whole decorations and putting it all up. And we are excused from work, although I had to finish an important booking. I'm so pressured but it went well and it was solved!. woot!

Our Balete Drive theme is designed to be dark and spooky. We painted newspapers , with the figure of houses and make a Balete tree. My officemate, Moselle, is the one and only white lady. And she did a great job! She did scared little kids..haha! My hubby's D90 did the great job of taking pictures plus the reliable flash..which is really needed since its all dark..

Sharing the pictures of my not so usual habit..hehe which are pictures at office on my birthday. :)

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