Sunday, November 11, 2007

Church kwentos...

Well, on our wedding day most of the participants in our entourage are already in the church before the call time 3PM. My husband, Dennis, is very nervous and pressured...kasi naman wala pa kami (ME, my mom, maid of honors, photographers..) haay! While ako medyo ngarag na din. I understand that our photographer wants to make sure that there are enough shots before I leave the hotel..Onga naman, di na maibabalik yun. I think at around 3:02 we left the hotel. I have my cellphone in my pocket. Tricky noh, my gown has a pocket. Thanks to our couturier's idea..nagamit ko talaga. My pouch was with one of my maids of honor, Lea, all throughout our wedding day. Talagang good thing din na nasakin yun cell ko coz Dennis has called me up and I have informed him that we are already on our way to the church, which is isang tambling lang..hehe!

Not so sure, I think that the processional march started at around 3:15 pm.. (late since I was advised by church secretary na 3PM..SHARP!. My Apologies talaga) While I'm inside the bridal car, I was so surprised to see some of our relatives and friends. Ibang feeling. While my maid of honor, Ate Michelle, is starting to be "ngarag", since she still has to distribute the boquets to the ladies in our entourage. I'm so so nervous as they walk the aisle. And when they finally closed the doors.. naku sobrang kaba kasi its my turn na.. all alone..I felt tense and shaky..lahat lahat. As I walked slowly in the aisle, I noticed na iba ang ang aking bridal march..pero ok na din..The soloist sang "The Gift"..instead of " Ikaw Lamang". I can feel that all eyes are staring at me..grabe! I keep telling myself "kinakabahan ako".."grabe". When my parents fetched me along the the aisle..medyo teary eyed na ang beauty ko..pero I never really cried..pero I'm so touched!

Our officiating priest is Fr. Efren Reyes, MJ, who is the parish priest of Sto NiƱo, bale kina Dennis, and Fr. Efren is also a good friend of my mother-in-law. Galing nga, before our wedding we get to meet Fr. Efren in their parish office. Our cake supplier, Ms Magel Gubat, has once asked us if our priest is the one that their family knows..and it was confirmed that he knows the Gubat family in Lagro. Fr. Efren started atAscencion Parish in Lagro. Kaya during his homily, he even mentioned na nakakatuwa daw coz Dennis and I belongs to a parish close to his heart. Very personalized ang homily..maganda talaga.

I get to know some of "katarantahan" after the wedding. Actually yun cord nga namin is natastas daw...di cya twisted na!..then Ate Michelle even looked for pins for our veil..God is good pa din kasi minor lang problems..

The most awaited part.. our kiss! Naku si dennis tuwang tuwa..lalo when his requested recessional song was sang.."Gaano ko ikaw kamahal".. very lovely ang kanta kahit luma na. As noted by Jason, our photographer, this is the longest kissing scene sa church he has witnessed daw..True, na kahit ako na bride natagalan..hehe Pero nakakaaliw na masaya ang lahat na nanunuod..

I felt so happy coz we have enough time for our pictorial. At walang umawat kaya naman sulit talaga. I have no regrets choosing Twin Hearts.

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