Monday, December 3, 2007

D-V-Soria Trip

Last Dec 1, 2007, Dennis and I was supposed to meet our good friend, Kuya John. FYI..Dennis wanted to buy a motorcycle (which I strongly disagreed). So just as not to have an arguement, I just let him have his dream nga lang the one that Kuya John told him was already sold. My hubby really did have a tantrum..hehe! He's too upset kasi he really likes the motorcycle.

So at around 2pm we left the house to have a shopping..of course, I chose to buy at Divisoria. Actually, I'm shopping for christmas gifts to our family and inaanaks. We have a ride with my brother-in-law, Byron and his girlfriend, Des. They gave us a ride up to Taft. Sobrang traffic! I can't believe it we spend 2 hours pagpunta!!! So finally at past 4pm we arrived in Binondo..haaayz!! Instead of heading to 168 Shopping mall, we go to another mall. This is the one that my officemate mentioned to me. Yup she's right, Meisic mall is less crowed and sells stuffs same with 168 mall.

I was so excited and eager to buy gifts for our family. Fab finds are the children's bags (in Dora, Sleeping Beauty, etc) for just P60.. I saw same stuffs in malls and it was priced at around P150.00. Undies for the little girls is P100 only for 5 pcs. Watches are sold at P90..if you want a box you'll just add up P40.00. I also saw shirts for ladies for only P50.00. Well, I have one for myself and I already wore it ..comfortable naman..infairness. I also bought bags for our moms..mura lang .. pramis! and polo shirts for P150 each. And I was also able to buy a firecracker..hehe! this is for my mom's store. The name of the item is Picolo..P50/box. Another fab find I got are the sleeping dress for the girls which I got for P75 only.

Grabe, nakakatuwa mamili sa Divi, though onti lang dala kong money, pero I managed na mabilihan lahat ng inaanaks. ...

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