Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jhared & Mhiggy's 1st Birthday

Last December 28 , Friday. I was on leave due to flu. For the longest time, ngayon lang ule ako nagkaganito! super lagnat!. Thanks to my mother-in-law who visited me in the apartment and give me some medications. I have my rest all day alone while my hubby is at work. Its actually his last day at work so he have to finish his turn overs.

At afternoon, I was feeling okay though I still have aching throat. I remember na birthday pala ng twins kong pamangkin and inaanak namin ni Dennis. I even texted my mother-in-law na okay na ko and I'll just drop by my nephews' birthday party in Fairview.

My cousin, Minneli, the mother of the twins has noted in the invitations that the party will start at around 7pm. Ngayon lang ako aatend ng children's party na dinner time ha. At around 7pm, sila pa lang ang dumating together with my tita and 2 other pamangkins. Its past 7 already but still most of the guests haven't arrived yet.

At around 8pm, the party finally started. The emcee is very entertaining and funny at the same time. He even noticed that most of the guests are adults.. kaming magpipinsan & kabarkada nun pinsan ko..hehe! E may ilang bata kakagising pa lang..kaya yun wala sa mood mag games. Kaka tuwa pano kahit sa longest greeting game, isa lang ang may pinakamahabang greeting... Then the adults also play, with sort of obstacle churvah..and kasama ko dun. I actually forgot that I just have a flu..hehe! And we won.. we got a mini doll as a gift. Then after it the kids have the bring me game and then the longest number of coin. at pagkatapos pinaagaw lahat ng coins. Then finally the moment has finally arrived, yun FOOD..hehe! I am very hungry kasi naman I don't have my mirienda..We have chicken and spaghetti, burger , fries and sundae..mmm! syempre I have my pasalubong to Dennis. Then after eating the mascots has danced in the tune of "itak tak mo!" I'm really bursting in laughter seeing Grimace dancing..tapos may showdown pa with Ronald McDonald..The party ended at past 9..something different talaga...

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scrapgurl said...

sands halatang may sakit ka nga dito... hope you're well na by this time. So asan na mga layouts mo?! hehe excited ba?