Sunday, December 16, 2007

My 30-minute layout

The bride..Naks! Actually I started with my pics. These are 2 great shots to start (sa isip ko lang yun) hehe! for our wedding album.

For real na to..I'm starting with wedding pics..soon na yun iba. Natuwa lang kasi ako, dahil in just 30 minutes I have the idea.

I used 2 of my 4r pics. Gold and Green circles are from NBS. Then the rub on sticker, "The Bride" is from Japan Home Center. Flowers from Rekindled Moments. And the orange / green lining are cut outs courtesy of Starbucks paper (hehe..not sure if this is acid free..!!)


Candy Bonoan-Lagazon said...

Congratulations! You are definitely off to a good start. Keep it up! --- As for the Starbucks paper, there is a ph pen which you can avail of to check for acidity of paper, if you're worried.

sandy1027 said...

ok..i'll look 4 it.. thanks for ur advise.(always! thanks talaga!)

Christine said...

Hi sis...

wow super nice.. and super dami mo na alam sa mga paper thingie and pens acid cheverlu.. kmusta nman? hehe..
cutie, pramis.. and how will u know kung wat kind of paper to use for d scrapbook? do u buy any kind of paper for that or may special paper ba? ill start din nga.. hehe.. 2tal wala nman ako gnagawa d2.. hehe.

sandy1027 said...

hi sis jane, good 4 u! at least may libangan ka dyan, para saan pa ang magagandang poses and pics mo..hehe with papa nelly..magandang hobby! kakaaliw, pero di naman kelangan bilihin lahat.. just make sure the paper is acid free/lign free..cge gawa ka din ng blog. can't wait to see