Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A different Christmas

For the past 26 years, I have celebrated Christmas with my family in Lagro, where I grew up. And since 2004 , my boyfriend for 4 years (now my lifetime partner), Dennis, have been a part of my X'mas day. Whew! How fast time flies?

I just come to think that this is a different Christmas. Firstly , I'm married! I'm not shopping only for myself, my family and my "inaanaks" but also together with Dennis, I'm shopping also for his family and his inaanaks.. Secondly, A different place. we are planning to celebrate the Christmas eve at their house. Well, I decided for this one. Just to be fair, Dennis has spent his Christmas at our house. And I think maybe its time that I'll be the one to celebrate it in their house since we are married already. Good news, I'm planning to cook so I keep on searching for a hearty meal in the internet..hehe! Para naman special talaga. Then on the Christmas day, we'll just visit my family.

We are enjoying eachother's company. There are less fights..Less arguements..more patience..what more can I wish for?..mmmm..yeah i still have a simple wish to Dennis. I asked him if he'll buy me things for my newly found hobby courtesy of my dear friend, Maricel...I was so excited to make one for our wedding pics.. I'll post it here..can't hardly wait na..

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