Sunday, December 9, 2007

Den's new baby

Last Saturday, it was a very busy day Why? Well, my hubby's family house (where we are currently residing) will be undergoing a major rennovation. Pretty tiring, since we have to pack up all in! I've realized they got lots of things..which are no longer used. I even asked Dennis to dispose some of his stuffs..kaya pala sobrang cluttered sa room..His CPA Review books!Sirang payong!Scratches (from his previous jobs)..kamusta naman. Me, I just simply packed my stuffs. Kasi some of my stuffs are still at our house. Kaya sisiw lang☺ His parents temporarily rented a small place nearby their house. Mga 2 tumbling lang..hehe! Its a cute apartment..a new one..ideal nga lang para sa bagong kasal.

Going back..Dennis and I was in-charge since his mom has to attend an activity in the church. His mom is the Head of Lectors in their Parish. Kaya busy sobra. No problem with us since we managed to box all our stuffs.

I have an idea that Dennis will be picking up his new baby this weekend. Hmmphh! Its his motorcycle which, I never really like. He was the one who picked it up. I notice that he is very happy at nasa mood. ITs a blue Yamaha Sniper. I must admit its pretty though I am not a person who loves motorcycle. Ang hirap kasi nun, accident prone☺ But what can I do? Kaya instead of having an comment na lang.

Kami muna ang nagstay sa apartment. Ganda pala ng feeling pag kayo lang (di naman sa ayaw ko sa in-laws..their nice) kaso mas sweet..haha! Whether I like it or not, sumakay ako sa bagong "baby" nya. Kasi may mga gamit pa kami na dapat kunin. His baby is useful na din sa paglilipat..

PS: I'm ranting for some occasions I missed:
> Party 101 @ Rustan's Essences / Shangri-La..sayang!! madaming freebies..tinext pako ni Ms Grace, I even texted back na pupunta ko..hoping na makakapunta ko..
>SE-PS Xmas Party..I'm a new member! I really wanted to go.. my friend Maricel wanted to go pa naman din..sayang sayang!


Lynnette said...

hi sands! glad to read you here in blogster. nakakatuwa naman ang mga stories ninyo ni dennis:) i'm really glad na kasal ka na din like me ;) sana magka baby na din kayo agad! pero it's ok kung maghintay din muna kayo ng konti para enjoy nyo muna na kayong 2 lang :) again, congrats to both of you!! love yah!!!

sandy1027 said...

hi lynnette,

mis u! how's zack?
thanks! musta ka na? buti naman at nakita mo ang blog ko..sana nga magkababy agad, pero we're planning mga around 2009?? hehe! pero come what may..blessing yun, why not! hehe! God bless! Take care ! Lav u!!