Thursday, December 6, 2007

certified scrapper..

I'm now hook into this hobby. Though I was not yet starting to work on my album. I'm a N@W member (newly wed forum in weddings@work), and I just ask if anybody knows the different shops for scrapbooking. I'm so happy to have responses..actually its more than of what I expected. Somebody even suggested to me to join the yahoo groups ..Scrabooks-Exchange and Pinoy Scrapbookers. And ayun yesterday din, my application was approved. I was able to recieve welcome notes from other members. And kakatuwa they are even inviting me to join their christmas party..kasi nandun din daw ang mga suppliers..I wish I could come to their gathering. Andun din daw yun magagaling talaga and masasagot daw lahat ng tanong level na talaga ito..

To my fellow scrappers thanks for welcoming me..Its really a pleasure to learn and experience scrapbooking☺


Donna Espiritu said...

hi sandra! :)
im donna espiritu, member of both SE and PS egroups.. i love reading your blog entries.. hay i wish naisip ko rin mag-blog before/after my wedding para i was able to share din my happy moments :D

sana nga you can come tomorrow sa Xmas party at Bel-air.It's the perfect time and place to familiarize urself with the hobby's ins and outs. Saka to get to know you better din diba ;)

Again ,welcome!!

Add kita sa blog ko ha, mine is, do visit some time! :)

sandy1027 said...

hi donna,

thanks for the kind words.
i'll visit ur site din ha..
im still doing some the future puro sa scrapbooking na din siguro..hehe! (syempre aside sa life namin ni hubby)

God bless!


Suzanne said...

Enjoy the party!

I hope to see your masterpieces soon! :)

sandy1027 said...

i can't hardly wait na din..hehe! thanks, i know i can learn from u..fellow scrappers..