Saturday, July 18, 2009

Globe Run for Home

The long wait is over. Just this morning we ran for this big event of Globe. The weather is good and everyone is here unlike the week before. I was pretty excited... I just don't know why..hehe.

We arrived at the Global City just around 11 mins. before the 10K race starts. The place is so busy and parking is kinda difficult (I've been expecting I've said this is a BIG event). Many participants are warming running & stretching..basta of all ages andun. As we approach the location, I saw Rovilson Fernandez again. I think he's running for 5K also. This race uses the championship chip, kaya wala ng race bands ...high tech ngae. We simply attached it to our shoe lace. I ran for the 5k race, I think I better stick with this until I have a good improvement. There are around 6,000++ participants, kaya medyo crowded. But it is enjoying and organized. Today, I was able to run for about 39 mins, and 5 secs...mmmm kulang pa talaga. Walang improvement!

As I reached the finish line, I saw Karen Davila who also joins the event. And afterwards, I saw Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel, I realized andaming nagjoin na talaga... Next run will be the Urbanite run, sana we could all join..this is something different..event will be during the night...diba?

p.s. thanks to my hubby, Dennis..what a big help u are..and improving may video na..hehe iba talaga may official photographer =) thanks to you

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