Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flory's Back

Last January 24, I meet up with my closest friends in highschool. Flory's back from Norway. Actually she left last September 2007. Its good to see her back. It was I , Jenny, Flory, and Maricel who came. Our friend andrea did not make it, she has a flu...while our other friends are at abroad already. Lynnette who's currently in France (am I right??) while Rachelle is working in Bahamas..we missed them both! super tagal na talaga. I'm glad kasi updated naman si Lynnette, thanks sa blog=)

Our meeting place is @ Trinoma, right after office I go straight to Cubao to ride the MRT. Super bilis lang! In less than an hour I arrived at Trinoma. I meet up with Jenny and Maricel who's already at Burger King. And then, we meet up Flory @ Gerry's Grill. We have dinner there and thanks to Flory, treat nya kasi =) We got so much to eat and yummy talaga. We have crab rice, kilawin na pusit, inihaw na pusit, kangkong w/ garlic, pork sisig, and I forgot the other one na masarap din..adobo cya na crispy...(gutom nako talaga while doing this blog!). We have pictorials once in a while...aba minsan lang kami magmeet, sana nga may day ng pagmeet..Kami ni Maricel, malamang kasi we are into scrapbooking.

Right after Dinner, we headed to the 4th Floor of Trinoma. We passed by the cinema and then, we go outside. Well, I almost forgot that we are at the top of the mall, because of the park there. I was so impressed. Its a nice place to hang out. There were restos and coffee shops. We have coffee at Starbucks. In here, we were joined by Jen's hubby, Ryan. We have some chicka-chika. But unfortunately, we have to leave at around 10:30pm since we still have to go to work. I forgot that its only Thursday..may friday pa pala.. Flory will be back soon to Norway...but she'll still be back again here in the Philippines soon din..Flory thanks for the hearty treat..have a happy and safe trip. ciao!


scrapgurl said...

dami naman natin kinain nun! hehe!

sandy1027 said...

onga..super dami..thanks kay flory

Lynnette said...

eto na naman ako, gutom na gutom sa mga pictures nyo! :)

Sandra ha, di ka pa sure kung nasan ako ha!