Sunday, August 23, 2009

Superfriends Night Out

Intro: Friday..a holiday and I was facebooking all day. Angie, our dear friend and officemate was online. Start na kong nagyaya to have a night out on Saturday (yesterday)
Saturday at around 6:30pm. Dennis and I left the house. We'll in Tomas Morato, Quezon City to meet our dear friends and former officemates in UCPB. I suggested to have our night out to Dapo, since its not that noisy there so we could chat and catch up with the latest chikas. And all agreed. So no problemo with the location. We arrived first at around past 7P.M. How I missed the whole place of Tomas Morato. There were lots of new establishments and still nothing's change, buhay na buhay pa din. I felt like a child in a candy store..with my mouth open..hehe! as in namiss ko lang talaga. Since everybody in on their way pa lang to Dapo, Den & I walked around and I decided to go at ABS-CBN..for a Starbucks and celebrity sight seeing...who knows diba. So, we have a frap at Starbucks. Actually medyo onti yun tao. We are able to see Aiza Marquez, who is making tambay at Starbucks then in a little while, Kathleen Hermosa arrived. They were friends pala..hehe But I was a bit more hopeful to see Piolo Pascual (hehe) or John Lloyd...(asa pa). We decided to leave the area at past 8 P.M. , I felt like our friends are near the area.
As soon as we get back to Dapo. Angie and Angelo were already there. And a little later, Ann and his DH, Erick arrived. In a little more while, Eric and Juerl finally came. Galing talaga, proven ang biglaang yayaan. So what more? We started to order 2 buckets....its been a while since my last drink (forgotten na..kelan ba yun? I was out of my mind na..) Thought Ate Susan was not coming anymore since its her dear grandchild's birthday. Mmmm, walang kupas coz she was around at past 10 P.M with her friend, Boss. It has been a night of kwentos and a planning of an outing again..ano ba? hindi na natuloy.. I was happy to see them again, basta antagal na kasi. We left the place at past 1 A.M.

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