Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update! update

dear college friends: Erwin, Aideen, and Lea

Now I want a baby boy!!

Aideen and Eric with their precious kids: Leeanne and Echo

Judea..thanks for the treat.we miss u

Its good to see you again guys!

Emily, Ging, Candice, Jude and Sandy

With my Digitel friends;) reunion ito!

I have been busy lately. I really know why....I must admit Facebook is so addicting and it really eats my time. Well, now that I'm in my mood for blogging, now its time to update what's happening in my daily life. December has been a busy month. And so sad, my first day of the month has to start with a different unit. Sad that I have to leave Binondo. Not so sure if this is for good, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How so unfair, in a different view. But I am hopeful now...enough of the downside. Sharing the UPside of my life...with my dear friends..everywhere who shares the laughs with me.

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