Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheers to Artz de Scrap 1st Year!


Months ago, when I got a pretty idle time in the office (in my previous work) I get to view this blog everyday. I get to see different ideas and new faces. I was very interested with the tutorials that I even marked my calendar when they give some teaser (really) just I could view it when they unveil the new brilliant idea.

I get to join the challenges..I must admit I haven't won any of it, but for me its the idea that I was able to make something out of their very own. My favorite challenge is the HOUSE ALBUM. Actually I was one of the lucky persons who got the album. Unfortunately, the album has not arrived on time (it has arrived 2 months after the challenge) But since I'm eager to join, I got a last minute make my very own house album. here's the link:

Once again..cheers on your first year Artz de Scrap..hope I could really find time to join once again...

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