Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet ups..catching up...

@ Pepper Lunch in Shangri-La with Raggie and Madge

with Lea @ Golden Spoon in Shangri-La

My first taste of Golden Spoon...Classic coffee with chocolate sprinkles

February 5, 2010

Friday and wishful. I wanted something new. The week before was a Twitter week. Hehe! Funny, but I was able to catch up with an old friend from college..Madge and together with Lea. We have lots of twitter posts and voila! we just decided for a meet up.I got a lot of downsides this week and thank goodness..I found a way to laugh and smile.

We decided to meet up @ Shangri-la just to say na super sosyal kami , aside sa pag-Twitter. Lea was first to arrived at Golden Spoon. Great! my first to taste the new frozen yogurt..and I decided to try Classic Coffee with chocolate sprinkles. The goddess, Madge, was late with the rush hour traffic. So we nag him or rather "her" for a treat. Lea and I had our first taste of Boysen toppings..pero yummy. Too bad, Lea has to leave kasi naman may elementary reunion. So Madge, call our college friend to come with us, another goddess...Raggie. Naks! 2 dyosa ang kasama ko nun Friday. I am so gay! Laughing my heart out.

We have dinner @ Pepper Lunch. This is the type of food I mix and mix until it is cooked..Love it. I had chicken something..haha can't remember but its yummy. The place has a free wi-fi..kaya we're even updating our Twitter status..haha! addict talaga. Then after few chit chats..we went to Starbucks. I had Caffe Latte as always courtesy of Raggie (this is so damn unusual..once in a blue moon..a miracle..hehe). We got so much stories and it was all fun. Hopefully, we get to see often..why not? ..

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