Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bookrun 2010

Teka sino tong mga to......hehe!

Ms. Bang caught running....loving it na! nadedevelop nako sa bangs...haay!

wacky daw..with new recruits of Ate Michele

with Cel...we heart running talaga!

With Dingdong Dantes....cutie na nga rin..

The start of my run this year, in the last day of January..

I'm so excited to burn fats. I gained a lot during the holiday season. And feeling kinda depressed which resulted to diverting depression to eating habit (not a good idea). Here we are...feeling so happy to get together again for a run. And we are so early at the venue, that we used our time so wisely. We have photo OP with Coach Rio, Dingdong Dantes, and no idea of the name...a Bench model. In the venue we saw other celebrities like Say Alonzo, Gabby Eigenmann and Magic 89.9 DJ's, who hosted the event.

The 10K gunshot was done around 6A.M. Kinda late, as indicated in the leaflets it should start at around 5:45A.M. I'm wondering the sky's still dark and gloomy around 6A.M. Surprisingly, while we are gathered in the assembly idea that the race has started. I have few concerns with this run...I was disappointed that there were few marshalls in the race venues. And while running I find it too inconvenient, you know, you're running not knowing there were cars behind you. For short, nawawala ka bigla because you have to stop..and then you start in ganun instead of running lang talaga. Another is with the water stations. Holy crap! they are recycling the water cups. Not even discreet, because they were just picking up some of it and banlaw lang. A big no no.....we paid around P450 for this as far I can remember..

Amidst all the complaints, I enjoyed it though again I was pretty bored with the route..hehe! (complain uli). No idea of my race time. As I reached the venue, the awarding has began. At the stage is of course Dingdong Dantes and he was now joined by Marian Rivera. We have San Marino gift packs, which will save me this week for my lunch..hehe! I'm starving after the race, wala man lang Gatorade giveaways..hehe So I rewarded myself a longganisa meal at McDO..I heart McDo talaga.

NEXT RUN: CENTURY TUNA SUPERBODS (FEB. 21, 2010) with Derek Ramsey..


heart_EM said...

ndi k man lang naginvite...kainis sana kasama ako sa pix..

scrapgurl14 said...

Yeah eeew with the recycled cups! They were picking them on the road! The route was bad, too polluted since we were running alongside the jeepneys and all. You get home and your nose is too dirty it's like new year.

Jenny said...

for 450 pesos you got recycled cups?! eeew!

Sandra Yu said...

correct! di man lang talaga discreet..ang cheap! pati yun star nilang invited...haha isnabero! di gaya ni Papa PJ..not worth it ngaeh..sana bumawi si Papa derek..haha puro papa..