Sunday, February 21, 2010

Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010

Candid lang..ayos ba?
Bangs is in talaga!!! where's Jenny??

This is the biggest running event I've ever joined since last year. The Fort is so busy and crowded at around 5:30 A.M. Traffic is bad and you can see people everywhere. Parking spaces are all full, and we are lucky this time coz took the cab..wink*

As we arrived at around 5:30 A.M (i think..i almost forgot to know what time is it..) and the starting line is very crowded. Super siksikan and yeah we are late. 10K gunshot was done. I just walk up to the front before 5K gunshot started. Bummer and hassle to the 3rd in. But I'm quite OK still, since this run has a championship chip..meaning time starts as you leave the starting line...pwede pa din.

Drinking stations has water and lots of Gatorade...and hey, each stations has good looking models mostly Brazillians..hehe! As I reached the finish line, I got a hard time looking for my buddies since there were hundreds of people in the venue. In a nearby stage I spotted celebrities like Georgina Wilson, Rafael Rosell, Gloria Diaz, Issa Calzado and other models. Then, I decided to get my loot bag and hell yah this is the longest line I ever into. This is where I saw Cel and Ivan. Grabe for an hour! Then after getting the loot bags, we grab our free meals (croissant, tuna pandesal, banana, and tuna salad), for the first time we did not need to go to McDonald's for breakfast.

P.S. How sad..I did not saw Derek Ramsey in person. :( so excited pa naman!


Jenny said...

sayang bakit di mo sya nakita? sayang walang pic hehe

Sandra Yu said...

si dennis kasi eh! chaka yun pila 1 hr kami nila in ganun kahaba..pahamak na pila, wala tuloy stars!! lalo si derek...sniff* sniff*