Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready to Run

Sa wakas!

I was officially registered by my brother for the Earth Run 05.31.09. Since he works in an advertising agency we got P50 off from the P200 registration fee (which includes a singlet, a.k.a JERSEY..ewan ko ba bakit iniba pa term). In my preparation, I already bought my running shoes, course I don't want to hurt my feet and just for something new to try, syempre dapat geared ako para kung sakali maulit. My dear friends Cel and Jenny will be joining too with their own recruits..hehe! Still scouting for the shorts, maybe next week...can't hardly wait..wink! wink!

I got this feeling...dadami uli ang friends sa FB plus more get togethers coz my cousins will also be there to join. . .To be continued


Jenny said...

alam mo ba knina ko lang nalaman na ung singlet pala e jersey din hehe engots ko

Sandra Yu said...

ako last last week ko lang nalaman..hehe!