Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Dear MIL

L-R: Tita Loida, Mama Tess (My MIL) and Tita Yolie ..Mama with her sisters
May 1, 2009. It was an official holiday, as always. And a good timing to surprise a celebrant...yup. For everyone's available. It was planned by my SIL..who is the brainchild of the idea. Chey just coordinates the entire surprise idea.. It was my MIL's 54th birthday. The plan is Papa has to get her out of the house. Maybe for a breakfast date or a grocery in the morning. While my SIL (cheyenne) and BIL's (byron & arvin) do all the task. To buy all lunch and the cake. Me? I have to be at the house ..relatives will be coming.
Before 12 noon, Mama's immediate relatives were at the house. And we are all busy setting up the table for lunch. . We waited for more than 1 hour..hehe and the kids were all hungry (hehe) . At past 1P.M. we heard the sound of gates opening..tago kaming lahat.. And ayun..nang surprise kami. Mama was really touched that she cried...It has been a good one ..effective ang surprise!..
To Mama Tess, happy happy birthday..God bless and we love you. Stay happy ...You really deserve all the best things in life..


Jenny said...

wow I love bday surprises! kakatuwa ang family nyo ha :)

Sandra Yu said...

thanks jen. masaya pala pag surprise

Lynnette said...

bday din ng MIL ko last sunday naman, May 3 :)

Sandra Yu said...

surprise din ba...hehe!