Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zambales Overload

Me and Ate Lanie..boat ride to Capones Island

Tres marias! Me, Lanie and Susan.. pictorial session @ Capones Island

5 hotties?? haha! enjoying again the pictorial now @ Anawangin

March 21

@Pundaquit. Just around 30 minutes drive from Balaybay, Castillejos. The sun is scorching..and we don't care. This is where we rented the boat. It's my first time to this place and first time take a boat ride to two islands: Capones Island and Anawangin.

@Capones. It was a plain island with white fine sand. No business establishments, just purely tourists who walks around the island. The island has no maintenance, and notice trashes everywhere the place. I just love the white sand and the quietness...I think we had almost 30 minutes to arrive in the place. We stayed there for an hour for some quick snack and Pictorials!!

@Anawangin. love the place. It took 20 mins to reach the island from Capones. As we arrived, this island has more people everywhere. I noticed pine trees and tents.. yup! Compared with othere places I've been to, this is less commercialized. There were 2 stores in the location and not so comfortable- CR's. I was not bothered by that as we are not going to stay here overnight.
I love the beach again for its fine sand and warm water. We just paid P50/head for the entrance.

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