Monday, April 12, 2010

Sagada Tour 2010

nagsimula ang umaga sa kape ....

@ Bontok. stop over before reaching Sagada.. 30 more minutes!

lunch at Salt n' Pepper

@ Saggas..with the muse.. herher!

i so love the view here!

nice high!

@ Bumod-Ok falls....fresh and cold water here :)

@ Burial cave..let the adventure begin!

at eto a nga...unti- unting dumudumi na kami..

tadan! yikes!....

@ Yogurt house..

Roasted eggplant with tomatoe in this one!

another love..Yogurt!

shopping for pasalubong.

@ Bana cafe..

inuman time.

a visit at the church. thank u God !

@ Echo valley.

lunch at Masfere.

This 2010 summer is something I can't forget. Another first time experience has just happened last weekend...a long weekend. I never thought that this tour will pursue.

April 8. After office I went to Robinson's Galleria to meet up Ate Lanie. I was there at around 6 pm and while waiting I did some mini last minute shopping for our trip. Ate |Lanie came at around past 7 pm and we are in a rush. Dennis, Ate Susan and Edwin meet up at Cainta (at Ate Susan's place). We arrived at Cable Tours in E. Rodriguez before 8pm and we did learned that 8:30pm is the exact departure, so Ate Lanie and I help ourselves with a quick dinner at Shakey's (quick ba ?? hehe ang bagal ng serving..I'm just craving for mojos..hehe!). And we are in PG mode (patay gutom pagmamadali). Dennis and the rest arrived at past 8pm. And the adventure and sleeping started.. wink!

April 9. A cold morning. so fresh. tourists everywhere....And I realized now I'm in Sagada. We arrived at around 9:30 am. I'm so excited as my eyes are rolling everywhere. My first time nga diba?? We start the day by meeting our contact person, Ms. Veron. Since its a long weekend, many had made reservations to different hotels and it also happened that there is a big wedding on Saturday. I should say its a grand wedding since a daughter/son of owner of one of the biggest hotel in Sagada is getting married. And take note: EVERYONE IS INVITED .... We stayed at a residence nearby the town..its cozy and cheaper. I loved the house offered to us. And we occupied 2 rooms and it only cost P400 per person (inclusion is water for bathing..and libreng inuman!)

We don't want to waste any of our precious time in Sagada. So after freshing up, we had a 10 mins walk to the bayan..(tama ba..basta yun busy place..) and we had lunch. We dine at Salt and Pepper. And I had Rosemary Chicken ... comment? not so good, I just can't taste the rosemary..buti may veggie side dish ..and over sa kanin... After eating, we proceeded to Sagass ( association of Tourist Guides). And we decided to start the tour at Bomod-ok falls ( Big waterfalls) . And it took around 30-45 minutes ride before we start the tour. Together with our tour guide, Manong Jacob, its a walkathon galore first at the rice terraces. I'm so fascinated by the scenery...teka, history is my favorite subject and yes! sobrang dati sa pictures lang and kakatuwa to see it na umaapak ka na sa pilapil..hehe! We walk for more than an hour to Bomod-ok falls..yes, its certainly an adventure. Its my first time to be in a waterfalls..and super lamig ng tubig. While in the place, there were lot of kids who are offering a massage. Yes, instant massage for P10..and infairness iba ang grip ng mga bata. And after an hour or so, we have to walk back again. And this time, I'm walking with my migrane na ibang level! And it just ruined my dinner...I was left at the place we are staying to sleep, while they dine at Yogurt House (take out na lang ako!..crap!). And before the night ends, I have to vomit pa and then I'm okay...crap again! Getting ready for more action pack adventure : Caving!

April 10. This is the day! my very first caving experience. We met our tourist guide, Manong Jacob at Sagass at around 9am (we are an hour late, it should be 8am!). We had a 3 hour walkathon and action pack adventure at Burial Cave and Sumaging Cave...grabe! I just can't think that I can make it. I still can't get over, using ropes as ladders..something I just hated..hehe but all in all it was fun. I had some bruises ...pero basta masaya :)

We did finished the caving at around past 2 pm. We are so so so dirty and yeah, we have no choice that we touched the bats' feces..drippings..ewww! I'm itching to take a bath. We are starving to death when we got to the place we are staying. After washing up, we went straight to Yogurt house for early dinner. I enjoy the day since I'm migraine free. I ordered and share pasta meal with my hubby. Roasted eggplant with tomato in basil is simply the best. And for dessert we had yogurt (banana, granola and strawberry toppings! approved...) We also used our time shopping right after eating...many pasalubongs are there, but too bad, nag brownout! We bought Bignay wine and The Bar for inuman...I love the terrace of the place we are staying and nice people too.

April 11. Gosh our last day in Sagada. Good things has really come to an end. But it was a great experience...and just like that a new plan was made...We are coming back on December..wooohoo! We visited their church this day, (Church of Blessed Mary the Virgin.) We are just so bothered lang, because the one giving the sermon is not a priest..its a lady giving a sermon and iba yun mass. But what matters, is thanking God for such a nice experience right?.

The son of the owner of the place we are staying offered a free tour to Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins. By the way his name is Panday..hehe! we thought her mother is just a fan of FPJ..but we are damn wrong, it was his Igorot name. We just tour around Echo Valler and right there we can see the Hanging Coffins. I was amazed with the place. There's so much in Sagada and our 3 days stay is not enough. I'm so in love with the view and the climate....


Jenny said...

I knew you'll enjoy it.. I so love sagada too! :D

scrapgurl14 said...

This refreshed my memory from 6 years ago. Wow, it has been that long since we went to Sagada... And the rooms then were just 100 bucks per person!