Monday, April 26, 2010

Lynnette's homecoming

Lynnette and cutie Zachary :)

I so miss this girl ...happy to see u dear!

English spokening Dennis slash nosebleed and Pareng Raph...


Remote lang :)

Look here ..

my favorite girls...less flory and rachelle

@ Coffeebean ...

love this..Zach is looking at the flash..remote flash :)

dinner @ Conti' first! love the Mango Bravo experience...

It has been 5 long years? I believe it was in 2005, since the last time I saw Lynnette. And now, she's back with her boys (her hubby, Raph and his little boy, Zach). I'm looking forward for this day coz I really miss this lady..I have to wait for years again just to see her again.

Yesterday, Dennis and I was early to Trinoma since we are going to buy something and we don't want to be late. As we stroll, I saw Raph...and then my dear friend Lynnette. And so happy to see the little guy who is so behave at his stroller when I saw him. Zach :)

We had lunch at Gerry's Grill and its the Balikbayan's treat..hehe (Thanks Lynnette and Raph!!). I think Lynnette's missing Filipino dishes so much and her hubby wanted to try some Filipino food, and I think he likes Kilawin..hehe! And yeah Zach loves fried lumpia. It was a hearty lunch and pictorial too. We have to make use of our time, so after lunch we stroll around and look for coffee shop. Too bad, all Starbuck's stores are jampacked so we decided to have Coffee Bean instead.

It just felt great that we have this kind of meet ups once in a while...sana naman makumpleto minsan :) sayang wala si Rachelle and Flory Ann ....

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Jenny said...

super bitin talaga! ang aga ko pa umuwi :(