Monday, April 19, 2010

Businessline Summer Outing 2010

It's a Subic summer outing once again. What's new? I'm with my new family.
I transferred to the new group last April 5. But I never felt like a stranger and shy after all.

April 16.
First stopover: at Marquee Mall. We waited for 2 of our officemates who have a client call in Pampanga and they are with our group head. So its a "must" stopover. While waiting, most of us walk around the mall, have coffee, snack and pampering..hehe!

Second Stopover: Subic freeport. We stop by the factory outlets like adidas and Nike (my favorite). But I'm a good girl..I left my cc and I just had enough cash in my wallet :) nice try ...

Last stopover: Of course, its already past 7pm and we are starving. We all decided to have dinner at Meat Plus Cafe...yummy steaks :) for less..

Its already 9pm when we reached The Cliff. We are grouped into 3, since we reserved 3 rooms. But too bad, no swimming na! So we used our time for some bonding time and inuman. And its all fun.
April 17.
Beach.....pictorials! name it :) Bonding time with the girls and I did enjoyed being with them.
Plus a breakfast buffet right after the swimming session. We also had an amazing race type of game..its pretty tiring pero saya! Then after fixing ourselves we had lunch and we have to leave the place...

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