Sunday, March 7, 2010

Night run 03.07.10

The heat is really on. But I can't less this day pass by without me running. It has been a lazy day today, and I slept for 3 hrs in the afternoon. And when I woke up, I look for dear hubby and I asked: Can I run tonight?? and the answer is YES!

I finished 11 non-stop runs in the 800 meters oval track & field in Marikina Sports Center. Then I just stopped to recharge..I'm so thirsty! I think I only rested for 5 minutes. And I hit the track again for 11 non-stop runs. Gosh! I can't believe my endurance is doing great, I guess I have to work on my speed..So happy again..this has been a very productive weekend because yesterday I was able to finish a mini album and now, I was able to run..I love the new me now :)