Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scrapfest 5

Last May 17, the moment has come. Its the Scrapfest 5!!!...the moment we have been waiting for. Cel and I met so we can come together for the Scrapfest. We ride a cab so we'll have no difficulty of finding the venue. Cel brought lots of her paraphernalias. I simply bought some stuff and I left all my papers..hehe! I brought less stuff that day. At around past 10, we are already at Max's in Scout Tuazon. As we arrived in the registration area, there are bunch of fellows scrappers who are already there. Its nice to see some of them for the first time! So happy coz Cel and I got our paper packs for the challenges, the red bag and our Prima itty-bitty bags (tama ba?). Along with is our ticket for the food and stub for the raffle. I felt so excited, coz this is our first time.

The day has been a productive one coz we learned new techniques. On the first one is thru stamping. Actually I have no idea at all on what to do. But I still tried. I was so pressured with the next challenge...grabe I can't even think=(.. but again I still tried. Though we haven't got any prizes, the day has been a good one. It was still fun and it opened a lot of new doors to new ideas. So happy to see u all. Congrats to all the winners

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