Thursday, May 29, 2008

My AMM Tote Bag

my pink AMM Tote Bag...I love it! Thanks Dennis..mwahh!
you never fail to make me smile=) Love u!!!
Finally! The package has arrived at the office. I've been wanting this since last March. Well, I keep on bugging my hubby for this one. My friend, Cel was supposed to buy me this one in Makati, unfortunately the bag is not available that time and it is only a stall in Enterprise (Glamorosa by Trendy & Cool) . Actually it was their last day when Cel went at the stall. I was a bit unhappy that time. So I'm desparate to have, that I even browse Ebay for it. I just found out when Cel and I met on our way to Scrapfest 5 that the stall and the one in Ebay are the same...funny!

Yesterday, Dennis has deposited the payment to the seller's account. And this morning I was so excited to go to work...not to work ha..(sama noh!) coz today is the day when it will be delivered.. wow! Now I'm so excited to put my stuffs...hehe! ibang level ang excitement...


scrapgurl said...

sands hindi halatang excited ka dito ah. hehe!

Sandra Yu said...

onga, walang bahid ng excitement! haha!.. di ko gano naasikaso ang tote bag dahil naglilipat na kami, pero habang break time namin sa pagliligpit, i manage to put some stuffs inside...hehe! and super plastic ako kasi maalikabok..parang baby eh..hehe! alagang alaga..